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Advice on some new (old) clubs - blades for a high handicapper

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I've been out of golf for 5 years now but I'm getting back into it (I hope).  I'm about halfway through my lessons and going in, I'd be happy shooting in the mid 90s.  My current clubs are a set of Mizuno game improvement clubs.  Was fitted 7 years ago with extra stiff shafts.  I need to get out of them as I've lost a lot swing speed after reconstructing my swing.


So I need new shafts.  Question is, should I stick with my cavity back mizzie's (MX-25) or re-shaft a set of new KZG forged.  


A buddy of mine picked up a set of KZGs which I took for a test drive at the range.  I haven't hit forged clubs since I started playing 15 years ago and those were an old set of Titleists.  These KZGs were smooth (when I strike them well).  The thing that turns me away from them is my handicap - I feel like I'm learning to drive in a $100k sports car.


Thanks for any insight.

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How much are you willing to spend?  Re-shafting/re-gripping your current clubs could be as expensive as getting another set of irons (used or new depending on the make).  This is the time of year to find deals too - as many folks are putting away the clubs for the winter months.  And a lot of retailers are discounting clubs to make room for next seasons inventories.

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I don't want to spend too much but then again, it would just be the price of the shafts - I have grips and I do my own re-shafting and gripping (I like getting my hands dirty).


Keep in mind, I still have to purchase the KZGs (if I go that route).  He's got them paired with Nippon made NS 1180GH Stiffs - I'm not familiar with those but they felt decent - flight was a lot higher than I would like.  Problem is, he only has shafts on them from PW-5.  I need my 4 and 3 irons.  


So I can spend $300 to get the KZGs, around $50 for two more non-matching shafts for the 3 & 4 (can't find 1180GH - Nippon made them for Nickent stock)


Re-shaft them as a set.  I was looking a set of KBS Tours on Golfsmith.  With a discount, they come in at about $170.


I had a set of clubs re-shafted at my local Golftown.  Ran me about $400 + tax.  Swore I'd never pay someone that much to do it again.

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I'll never carry a 3 or 4i again. Now have 2 lovely Cleveland hybrids which surpass in all respects those irons.  Very rarely do i wish for the 4 iron and that is  only  when i am under the bush and need to hack it out but otherwise both are left at home.  If you have not tried various hybrids lately  i suggest that you do so before you spend your money or condemn the set, 5-PW,  without those irons.  I am speaking to your age, current golf status and ability.  

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There's a school of thought that says a higher handicap player can benefit from playing blades.  They're much less forgiving and therefore, force the player to develop a much better, more consistent swing.


I am NOT of that school.  Golf is supposed to be fun.  Irons that provide a degree of game improvement, with a bigger sweet spot and the ability to help get the ball in the air are going to make it that much more fun for the average player who doesn't play more than 50 rounds a year and practices infrequently.  If you're looking to play and enjoy it NOW, I'd recommend looking at such a club, or as you said, simply reshafting your Mizunos if you're otherwise happy with them. 


If you want a forged iron, there are plenty out there that offer a cavity back and game improvement features.  I'd also offer that most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference in hitting a modern cast iron vs a forged iron.....but that's a different discussion.

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