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right elbow at 90 degrees and "keeping the box" at the top of the swing

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I'm having an issue with my right elbow bending at more than a 90 degree angle, causing my hands to be low, and my left arm to bend which causes me to "lose the box" at the top of my swing. This issue I know will give me problems with consistent ball striking if I do not fix it. I believe it's the reason I come out some days and hit almost every iron shot pure; and some days I'm all over the place.

I know I'm using myself as an example here but this really is not just a ploy to get everybody to fix my swing (even though that would be great a3_biggrin.gif). I'm just trying to get some discussion going about golfers who have this issue and how to resolve it, because I feel like it's a pretty common mistake and it's a little harder to fix than it would seem. I just happen to be a perfect example (hopefully I won't be for long). So please don't take this as me just trying to use the forum to get everybody to look at my swing


Looking at this image of my swing right at the start of my downswing:

You can see here that my left arm is bent and I'm coming in at a little bit of a low angle. To correct this I have to make a move with my arms to get my clubface to the ball square while keeping my body behind the ball. When I do it right I hit good shots but it's a very tough thing to do consistently and I'm no Jim Furyk...

The reason this happened is bc of where my arms where at the top of my swing here:

You can't see my hands bc my right arm is bent past 90 degrees which caused my left arm to bend and go way to far back. If you compare that image to this, you what I'm talking about:


You see here he's got his right elbow in that 90 degree position, keeping his left arm straight and keeping it from over rotating behind his body. It makes your swing a lot more consistent.


I'm thinking this is the next big key in my swing I need to fix to go from a guy who hits great shots but not consistently, to a guy who always strikes the ball well and gives himself a chance.


I posted this here because I am trying to start some discussion about the best way to teach yourself how to get the arms in the right position by keeping that right arm at the correct angle, keeping the right elbow pointing to the ground, and the left arm straight. Which hopefully allows you to "keep the box".


I know when I've tried it in the past I constantly slice the ball which is why I haven't yet fixed it.

Here are some good videos that Beachcomber posted on my member swing that might help some of y'all who have similar problems


here's Ernie talking about keeping the box


So anybody else having/had an issue with this and have a good way to work on it?

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I find if I concentrate on the one piece takeaway and not getting to far in the back swing, that helps tremendously.  You shouldn't have to think of about your right elbow consciously.  Take the club back with your left arm, keeping it straight with your right arm and turn your shoulders. This should keep you on the correct plane.  Don't take it too far back, as this is overswinging.  You will be surprised how much power/consistency you can get with a half swing vs overswing with a proper pivot.  You'd probably be better off with half swings at first and your natural tendency will be to take the club a little bit higher from there.

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That's great advice. I actually make an effort not to swing to hard at the ball an I was still overswinging!!!
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Let your left hand feel as if its pulling your left shoulder around your torso, this is what I do and it seems to keep that arm more straight and of course increases the power we all want.
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Tiger, maybe try making one armed (left hand only) practice golf swings - just with your left arm staying straight.  I do this on the range sometimes before I start hitting balls - just to get the feel of maintaining the left arm straight.  


It helped me overcome the issues I pointed out in your swing.  And as NBC stated above, which I agree with, if you over swing - there is no way to keep the left arm straight.  So focusing on the left arm straight - was a way to not overflex the right.  When I swing the golf club... The right forearm, bicep and tricep is active - but I don't focus on it because I know my left arm is going to be like a straight steel bar - from my left shoulder - all the way to my left wrist.  So really all I focus on is the ball - and feel my left shoulder turn under my chin.  When my shoulder is under my chin... Then I know my backswing is complete.  And I have done so without over swinging and or over flexing that right arm - which maintains the proper geometries in the swing.

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