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Cold weather golf

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How long does it take you to get warmed up. In ohio its in the 40-60 depending on the day. I find its hard for me to get warmed up
Hit in the golf dome last night and was hitting very well all thru the irons but struggled today Was wondering if anyone else had these issiues just could not get any distance from 8-6. Maybe it was too cold to get comfortable and rushing thru shots to beat the sunset.
All and any thoughts welcomed
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It normally takes me until around March to get warmed up here in central Ohio.  b2_tongue.gif

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go jogging for like 5-10 minutes before golfing, gets the blood flowing. 

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Do some light stretching at home before you go out as well.  When you get to the course, swing the club gently for a good 2-3 minutes to loosen up the shoulders, hips and legs. Focus on full range motion.  Then do an addition 2-3 minutes of swings for your first tee shot.  You should break a light sweat during the warm up.  This will indicate you are getting loose.


Also, wear extra layers warming up and take it off just before starting.

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Hey Shankie, i also live in central Ohio and go to the dome to work on my game......are u talking about the one in whitehall???? As far as getting warmed up in cold weather I normally walk and find it takes 2 or 3 holes to get loosened up.

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Running in place for 5 minutes (or jumping jacks) followed by some stretching does it for me.

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