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driving distance in the winter

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i hit a 365 yard uphill drive yesterday, and i normally drive about 270 on average.  there was a little wind behind me, but on the return hole into the wind, i drove 315.  the 365 yarder did feel more solid than any shot i've hit in my life, but there is no way i actually drove it 365 yards in normal conditions.  how much does the hard ground effect roll and distances during the winter months?  the ground was really hard yesterday and i'm assuming it added at least 30 yards of roll.  assume another 30 from the wind and i drove about 300 yards, which is completely reasonable for me if i catch the club correctly.

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It can Help a lot. If the ground is frozen it can roll a long ways. A few years ago I played in 33* degree weather and it was snow flurrying. I hit my 3 wood which I averaged about 210 yards at the time on a Par 4 330 yard hole which was fairly straight. The fairway elevates to the center and then descends to the long green which is sloped back to front. I got a solid hit and as I went over the hill in the center of the fairway, I started looking for my ball which was no where to be seen - I then looked up to the green, the ball was at the very back of it... 350 yards or so haha.
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I usually carry about 220 with my driver.  Last week I had a 280 and 320 yard drive.  Both had much more roll that usual due to hard ground conditions.

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Oh if its frozen hard ground, little or no grass, you can get a ton of roll. The past two summers have been very dry in Dayton, and some of the courses save on water. I've driven the ball 290-300 with a punch 3-wood shot, ball lands about 220 out and rolls another 80 yards. I can pretty much pin point were the ball will go with that shot. If it was spring of fall with soft ground, i would probably get 15-20 yards. 

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ah crap, i didn't want you guys to say that much roll!!  haha.  well, it isn't freezing here, it was 75 yesterday.  i am not sure i understand it, but i do think even though we haven't had a frost yet here in dallas, most of the muni courses stop watering and the ground is pretty firm.  i'm sure it helped the roll at least a little bit, although i played the same course on thanksgiving day when it was cold, and my longest drive was only 280.  so, it can't be all the roll...

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