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Greetings from the north of Scotland

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Greeting fellow Sand Trappers


I've been playing this great game for around 25 years and my home course is a classic links in the north of Scotland.


I'm getting back into golf this year after a lengthy lay off and am working hard on getting back down to single figure handicap. I found this site about 6 months ago when I began researching stack and tilt after deciding enough was enough after hitting the ground 6 inches behind the ball on yet another iron shot - you guessed it - "get behind the ball, flat shoulder turn, keep the right knee flexed, rotate the right hand over the left through impact......."


All I can say is thank goodness for google and this site! I've learned more about the golf swing/ball flight laws here in 6 months than I had in the previous 294! Between studying the S&T book, the wealth of information on this site and progressing to the principles of 5SK as demonstrated by Erik in the excellent video drills, I'm amazed and excited about the speed of improvement. I can't help but think a little about what might have been if I'd had this information all those years ago!


However, I'm more excited about my future improvement. During the last few rounds I have experienced that elusive, seductive and unmistakable feel of ball compression coupled with having some influence over shot shape. It feels like playing "real" golf. Still a long way to go but there always will be with this game.


This is undoubtedly the most exciting and progressive golf site there is and I have been so impressed with how freely and generously advice and information is shared. May this site continue to keep people playing and save many a set of clubs from being consigned to ebay!

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Welcome! I enjoyed visiting the southern sections (or maybe it was central?) of Scotland a few months ago. Glad to have you and happy that you decided to post after lurking for so long. :)

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Thanks Erik,

central would be about right. I really enjoyed your article and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. It brought back fond memories of playing a 36 hole competition over the Jubilee and New courses some years ago with my all time best round over the latter. St Andrews is such a special place.

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