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Club WhXring is a nasty disease!

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  So for Christmas i received a few gift cards to my local proshop which i promptly went out and spent on a band spankin new shiny set of Titleist 712MB's. 4i-PW +1/2" 3* upright KBS Tour Stiff shafts with GolfPride Decade multi-compound whiteouts...etc... well i placed the order for them on 12/30 and was told 3-4 weeks. i got a call yesterday saying they had come in... tonight i head down there after work and was given the opportunity to hit a couple to see how they felt and track some yardages with the new clubs on the launch monitor...what stuck out to me though is that the 4 iron was a 195yard carry, 205 ish overall. that left a HUGE gap between the 4 iron and my 19* 904F 5 wood which was carrying 235 and rolling on some out past 260. this left me in a hell of a dilemma knowing that ive always had trouble hitting the 3iron and ive always considered hybrids a hackers club or something for an old man.

The fitter ive been working with said to try and keep an open mind about hybrids and told me to try and hit one of the 910H hybrids they had on the shelf.. it was a 910H 21* with the Diamana ahina 90 stiff hybrid shaft in it.. set to A1. I line up my first shot and sky it off the crown of the club almost. lovely start...anyways.. 2nd swing... absolutely nutted, and backed up with data on the launch monitor.. 104mph swing speed, 144mph ball speed, 221 yard carry, 248 overall. ummmm wow. he had me hit probably 15 to 20 balls with this thing and they were all long and pured with an average 216 carry. i tried hitting the 24* version with the kaili shaft and while it was just as smooth didnt have the yardage i was looking for. it was too closely stacked on top of my 4 iron numbers to be worth the investment so i hit the 21* 10-15 more times and loved the feel.. couldnt help myself and ended up having them wrap it up for me.. so in the past 2 weeks ive now spent  $1457.83 on 4i-pw MB712's, a Vokey 58.09 SM4, and a 910H 21* hybrid... it rounds out the bag to look a little something like this:


Titleist 910D2 9.5* 46" Project X 7C3 6.0

Titleist 910F 15* 43" Project X 8C4 6.0

Titleist 904F 19* 42.5" ys-6 R-flex

Titleist 910H 21* 39" Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana ahina S flex

Titleist 712MB 4i-PW +1/2" 3*up KBS Tour Stiff, GolfPride Decade multi-compound whiteout grips.

Titleist Vokey Spin milled 52.08 in black oxide

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled SM4 58.09 in black oxide

Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback #2


Yes im a Titleist fanboi, yes i use a Titleist Staff Bag, and no im not some poser. i regularly shoot in the 70's with the occasional low 80 that sneaks onto my card when im not focused. one thing i have learned is i need a new shaft in the 904F like YESTERDAY... even with the big numbers, i was spraying it all over the range... dispersion is a definite issue...now, the end of march needs to get here FAST!!!



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Nice set up! I too suffer from the same disease.

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For sure its a hard habbit to kick... I think about golf equipment all day long haha, definitely an addiction.

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ok so its 26* outside and snowing here near albany, ny. so whats on the agenda for my day off? going to the local indoor golf dome to hit 4 buckets of course. i just got home from the indoor range with the new clubs and all i can say is WOW. THESE. ARE. PERFECT.  hitting the irons very flush and figuring out things with my swing that the old set of ap1's were masking. the SM4 wedge is a serious piece of equipment. it was routinely ripping the cover off of rock hard range balls. id have to stop every 15-20 shots to clean the ball cover bits out of the grooves. I cant wait to get some warm weather and actually play a round or 3 with these. its going to be a great year in 2013!

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Avoid wrx'ing.




Nice bag. Once you have hybrids, irons, fairways, and putter - you only need replace the driver and wedges every couple of years. The others can be on a 5-6 yr plan.


At least, that's how I am budgeting.

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