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Do you have to take a divot to make a good swing? I know with my driver and fair woods I don't take a divot because I sweep them. Would sweeping my irons work or no? Seems when I try to take a divot I chunk it majorly. Could barely grazing g the grass after hitting g the ball be as effective? Its not a divot but still hitting down on the ball just not compressing it. Or do you have to fully compress the baLl and take divot for your irons to be effective. Also, with my hybrids sweep or divot?
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I'd say as long as you're consistently hitting down on the ball then it's fine. You don't actually compress the ball against the ground anyway.


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Thanks. That was a awesome video!
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There are lots of sweepers out there....even a few of them on tour.  Take a look at stricker's turf interaction...

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