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Ap1 or ap2?

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I am 14 and have been playing tour edge xcg4s but looking for something a little less bulky. I shoot around 84-88 and my best is 79. I liked ap1s more than ap2s when I hit them but the 2s felt lighter... I only took a few swings with each so I'm still not sure, so my question is are ap1s extreme game improvement and appear chunky and huge at address or are they a smaller cavity back choice for a mid handicapper.
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Purchase what feels and plays best for you and don't worry about what others think.


Of course, if you care to read about others who have thought through this crucial distinction on the sandrap...well, here's a link for you...http://thesandtrap.com/t/45096/liked-ap1-better-than-ap2/0_50


Hope it helps.

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One of my playing partners has AP1's vs. my AP2's.  Easier to hit?  Yes, likely so.  Prettier to look down at?  No.  Decidedly so. 


Mishits don't hurt with the '1's, while toed and thin shots (especially if it is under 40* out!!) will make your wrists tingle with the '2's.  BUT-  Hit one well with the '2's and you will walk taller and more confidently for a couple holes.  You can just feel perfection when the ball is struck well. 


Get the AP2's.  I predict you will love them. 


ps-  We play a lot together and swing each other's clubs for the hell of it at the range or on the course, etc...  There is likely minimal performance difference at my skill level with either set of clubs, but I certainly like looking down at the AP2's more.  my $0.02 opinion.  Pay me later-

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