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Hi there from a wintery Sweden!

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Hey all!

Found it just as well to stop lurking and becomming a member here (since I just keep coming back and soaking up some good advice and wibes from the great community).


Here in sweden most part of the country is still frozen up and most of the country still has snow, (some of the southern part have just begun to defrost), so reading and watching some great golf atleast keeps the loonging in check until the premiere :)


About me then.

Just turned 30, and started playing golf in the summer 2012, and is atm at an 26,1 hcp, but steadily going down, and trying to plan for 2-3 rounds a week for the season to come.

Working as a consultant engineering-surveyor at one of the leading firms in sweden since 2011.


When not working or golfing, I´m found at the waterfront fishing, or in the forrest hunting. The time I´m left with i spend with my dog(s) training tracking and rescue-seeking.


Looking forward to keep hanging around the community!



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Welcome. What kind of animals do you hunt in Sweden?
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It varies quite alot depending on where in sweden you´re at (long country with very varied nature). But generally what is found in most parts is roe-deer, moose, hare, fox, pigeon, ducks and lynx.


In southern/middle you also find wild boar, fallow-deer, red-deer, pheasant and rabbit. More to the middle and north there is rock- and willow ptarmigan, capercaillie, black grouse and bear.


+ quite alot more, those are just the ones I took from mind and (with a few exeptions) what i´ve hunted.

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Welcome aboard

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