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Anyone still play Wilson fg 17 blades?

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I used to game these and loved them. I'm thinking of picking up a set. Has anyone played these recently, and if so, how do they perform compared to modern players clubs? Thanks guys.
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These are in my bag now:





$350 new on ebay. I emailed Wilson and they said these were a limited re-issue of the FG17 with a slightly more modernized sole made for one of the big distributors (I think it was Golfsmith). They are gorgeous, and the feel is incredible, a great find for me.. 

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Newbie here. I still have the FG17 I purchased new in 1983. I use them whenever I play a quick 9 because it forces me to focus less on technique and more on strike (if that makes sense). I think distance is possibly 1/2 club less then my current set (TM Tour Burners), and fairly similar accuracy on "fairly" struck shots. Having said that, an ugly careless swing will produce significantly worse results then my TM irons. These results really don't make sense because the wilsons are weaker lofts with shorter shafts, but for me the results are what they are.

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I picked up a set of 1992 Hogan Apex Redline blades yesterday. My "old" set is forged cavity back. After hitting 2 buckets of balls yesterday and today I took them to the course. They are harder to hit but I find I'm focusing on swinging correctly. When I do my part the clubs do what I want. I think if you want to be a better golfer blades would help.
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I have the immediate predecessor- Wilson Staff Tour Blades that I got new in 1979. The set was 2-PW and I picked up a 1 iron later that is FG-17. I love to play with them occasionally. If I hit it "on the spot" it is as good as it gets, but slightly off is about a half club penalty. If you are talking used, you can probably pick up a good vintage set around $100 or so.
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I just went back to my FG-17 set (j1-SW)  + Wilson Staff Tour Block II Woods (1,3,4,5)

Had them regripped and fixed today and NOTHING can compare to the feel of these irons. Not even the new re-issues like FG-59. I also picked up 200 Wilson Tx4 balls to get the true feel of the 80's :)


I really don't really care if I loose some length. This how golf is supposed to be played :)



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If anyone is looking for a set of these clubs i have a brand new (other than the 5 iron which i shagged a few balls with) set including woods of these clubs for sale. My dad won them in a tourney in i think 81 and they had sat in his closet since then. He just passed away so i got them. Let me know if anyone is interested. Its a 2-PW and 4 woods, pics available.

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I would be interested in a price on those FG-17 irons and woods!



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I know I'm probably too late but if you still have those I would certainly be interested. What price are you asking?

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I play the fg 17 irons. got 2-pw and a tour blade 1 iron. having a hell of a time finding anything better. they feel like butter and give me feedback i need to get my game in order. i used to play titleist tour model but i feel like they lie to me cuz they feel good somtimes on miss hits.... fg 17s dont lie. 

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I am interrested-how do you rate the irons FG 17 Wilsons.

Reach me at Dubcarl@sbcglobal.net Phone 812-4795871

carl myers

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I purchased a set 2-8 PW SW in 1982, and it's my go-to set of irons (I try some of the new sets, but always go running back to my FG-17s). They just feel right (and wrong) when striking the ball ... great feedback, completely unforgiving, but I like that feedback too.


OK, now my question: Does anyone know the groove shape on FG-17s?  I suspect they are V shaped grooves, but does anyone know? I want to get a groove-cutter, but I don't want to get the wrong shape.





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I still have my old set of FG 17s.  They are a bit heavier than most current irons.  I like to practice with them on the range to groove a more precise swing.

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Do you still have these irons?
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Who? Yes I still have my FG-17s, and I still play them. Great clubs.

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I still play my FG17 and enjoy when I hit them solid! ;). Recently I had them re-shafted with S300's and added +1/4 inch and they play a lovely D2. Also had the lofts adjusted to more modern specs...the PW was sitting at 51* which was more like my GW now it's 48*.
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How did the loft change affect the 2 iron? Is the 2 iron still playable with a stronger loft?
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I still plays mine ...
I just can't let them out of my bag :)


Originally Posted by Dave40 View Post

How did the loft change affect the 2 iron? Is the 2 iron still playable with a stronger loft?

If you are a god ball-striker I guess you can play it. It also comes down to your stance etc. I tried mine at more modern stats but I went back to standard pretty fast again. It just felt better to me. I don't care about if I miss some length. If you are used to modern specs it might take some time to get used to hitting a 7-iron as a modern 8 or 9-iron :)



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