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Format for 6 player Golf Holiday...?

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Hi guys. Long time lurker, so firstly, thank you for all the great threads on here.


Wanted to ask some advice. Last year me and 7 other lads went on a golf holiday. We split ourselves into two teams of 4 and played three rounds across three days. The first and second day we mixed up pairings and played fourball. This allowed us to adjust handicaps as we all kept individual strokeplay scores as well, albeit the main focus was on the matchplay score with the winning pair scoring a point for their teams. This had us at 2-2 after two days. On the final day we played matchplay singles, with one team winning all four matches!


It was a great format, with 8 very competitive lads the team format meant there was lots of banter and allowed us to keep things fair, and fun, for those who didn't play much.


This year we are going again and all can't wait. However, due to various reasons we are two men down and now have 6. This has got us all a bit miffed as to how best we setup the competition element of the trip. We again have 3 days to play golf, but want to play 36 on a couple of the days (and potentially all 3 if need be).


Thus, how would you setup a 6 player competition over the 5/6 rounds? Teams of 3? Teams of 2? Individual comp?


Any thoughts and recommendations would be HUGELY appreciated as I am bit stumped at the moment. Again, bare in mind we are a competitive bunch and also have a couple of lads who don't play much so getting a gross score early to assess a suitable handicap mark is useful!


Thanks in advance guys. Look forward to hearing some thoughts.





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Ugh....  6 is tough.


I'd probably play 2 games.  One individual, and one a 3 man best ball.  With the individual game included, that will tend to keep everyone honest in each 3-some because they're competing for the individual honors which will be worth more than the team.


Stableford would probably work best and is easy to adjust on the fly....  You can always add skins too.


Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks David. That's a good shout, and like you say, the individual comp will keep the 3 ball honest!! Appreciate your suggestion mate. All the best.
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