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Thoughts & review of Wilson Duo Golf Balls???

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Hitting Callaway Diablo and Wilson elite 50 right now. Thanks for insight
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40 compression ball. Seems too soft?
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I just recently began playing the wilson staff duo and its a great ball. This ball is long and straight of the tee and soft around the green its a great ball. I'm 15 and have an average swing speed of about 105-110 and this ball works great, playing this ball I've broke 80 my last two trips out playing this ball. I my normal miss is a push and with this ball i noticed my misses were drawing back. overall i give it a 9/10

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Hit it long and straight of tee still trying to get use to irons had a couple of real flyers today most was 10 yes longer had a couple go 20 yds further.
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I tried one today for 10 holes.  I quite liked it for putting, it didn't really feel any different than my usual TP5.  I did find that it had very little feel coming off the irons and hybrids.  It was almost like swinging without a ball, it was a very strange experience.  I didn't really get to test spin on approach or short game as it was quite cold (~2C) and the greens were hard as a rock.  I'll be curious to see how they do once it warms up.


I never had an opportunity to try driver or fairway woods with it.  I also didn't notice any appreciable distance differences with the TP5.  I did notice that it discoloured quite quickly, not sure what to make of that.


Factor in the price and I'd call it a decent ball.

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its not the worst ball, and its not the best either. i think it is a gold list ball. average performance for me, nothing that i go crazy over. my favorite cheap ball on a budget is the top flite gamer

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Just got back from playing The Traces Golf Club played Meadows/Woodlands course very tight found 11 of 14 fairways other 3 drives playable. Also got great distance on drives I don't know if it was confidence or just swinging better normal avg drive 225 with duo and 240. One thing still trying to learn irons distance with this ball hitting avg 10 to 15 yards further with duo. Thanks for your feedback.

Ball Ratings 1. Wilson Duo / 2. Callaway Diablo HX / 3.Bridgestone e6 & Fixx / 4.Titleist NXT Extreme
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I happened to hit this ball again yesterday while it was quite a bit warmer and wow.  The sound it makes when you hit it with a driver or hybrid is awful.  It's what I imagine it would sound like if you put a normal ball in a sock and hit it.  Not a confidence inspiring sound at all.

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I played it on rained soaked course today.   The ball seems to have higher trajectory.   I didn't notice much spin, i.e, the ball went straight on solid shots.  Distance seems to be above average.  Ball feels very soft and acted like one around green.   Overall, I am impressed and it should serve well for mid to high handicappers.  

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This balls checks up really well on the greens.

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I played the Duo my last 2 rounds. It flies straight and far, and for me was decent around the greens. I think it's similar to the Bridgestone E6.

IMO, really good ball for the price.

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Great ball, especially when playing with forged irons, sometimes I feel like I whiffed the ball until I look up. I've played them side by side with every ball imaginable (found in the woods since I'm there a lot), The only reason i prefer the FG Tour is b/c i got one to spin back on the green. Other than that it's really soft and does not lose any distance.

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