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Do coloured golf balls make a difference to your game ?

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Hi guys


I'm doing a school science research project and my topic is "Do colored golf balls make a difference ?"


I wonder if you guys know any info that could help me (website,articles etc...)


For my project i am only looking at three colored balls in total because we have to do physical testing. I decided to compare white, yellow and pink.


Any info will be a big help !!

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there is no difference, i find a white ball easy to see, but yellow and green balls hard to see, especially in the rough
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Firstly, I don't believe there would be any perfromance difference in terms of distance or spin.


Secondly, I think seeing the ball can be broken down into seeing the ball in the air, and finding it on the ground.


I don't play as much as many on here, but I do find the yellow or pink ball easier to see in the air when the sky is flat overcast, as it seems to contrast more than a white ball, I can find it quicker when looking up after my swing. It may not be an issue for people living where their weather is generally clear, or just the odd cloud. Where I am, overcast is almost a part of every day!


I know when looking for my ball on the deck, that to me, the pink and green and yellow contrasted quite well on an overcast day. But only a little bit more than a white ball, with white balls shining more than others on a sunny day, and again, that is just how I saw it.


The other advantage over white, is that typically less people play a coloured ball, and as many players would say, that generally means they instantly know which ball they need to walk to when playing in a foursome.


Just some thoughts, and of course, YMMV. Good luck with your project!

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I just recently started using yellow Titleist DT SoLo balls. I am near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other, wear trifocals and have cataracts developing.  I was having trouble following the ball flight and seeing where my drives landed......not that they were that far. I have lost two of them so far....in the water. For me they make a big difference, By the way I am 58.The yellow ball coverings seem to have a different texture or coloring to them than years ago when yellow balls seemed to be a fad. When I was in High School and college I would have never played with a yellow ball. Best wishes on your project.

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I find no difference.  White, orange, yellow; whatever.  I do know that when Srixon came out with their tour yellow balls, they claimed that they gave them a slight hint of green because the green had a calming effect on the golfer.  Not sure if thats legit or not but I do know there is a science behind color and how it effects a person's mood.

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The black ones are hard to see at night!


I find it depends on the time of year.  Yellow balls are generally easy to see and find except when the dandelions are out.  Pink balls, which my wife uses, are hard to find in the fall with leaves on the ground.


I would find it hard to believe that there would be any difference is actual distance or spin with a different color.

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I actually had a thought, you may find that people of different ages or sight standards prefer them, such as advised above, someone with sight differences finds yellow beneficial, might lead to a measurable trend. I'm in my 30's without glasses, so I may buck that trendb3_huh.gif


Oh, and fashion, as with everything in golf, cannot be understated. The pro tour players all play white, so you'll find the majority of us will always play white, because they have never even tried a yellow or other colour, since they prefer to use the same colour the pros use. This is totally fine of course, everyone should enjoy what they like about the game. It's just another observation.

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Thanks for the help !

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It's only in your head.  I for example don't like the orange balls...  It's strictly a visual thing.

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