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Trying to get information of Set of Clubs

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Hi, new to this forum. Very high handicap golfer looking to improve my game.  Currently using a set of irons I bought used about 10 years ago.  I went to research the clubs to see if I could learn enough about them to decide to reshaft, sell, keep or what to do with them.  Google searching has brought up no information on this set of irons and I was hoping you golf educated individuals could help me.


The head of the club says "Legend" by Palmer on the back of the club.  I can't find this set anywhere. The head is a stainless steel head. They have a Palmer logo graphite shaft.  The main issue I have had, is over the last couple of years I have head the head of the 3,7, and 8 irons all break off and multiple other shafts showing wear and dings and I'm worried I'm going to lose even more heads. So trying to decide between buying a new max G I set, or if getting this set re-shafted would be worth it ( if the clubs are only worth <$100, dont see point in spending more than that on just shafts).


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!



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there is no point in getting clubs like that re-shafted. 

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Ok thanks for the info.


So today I went to local golf store to try out some used and new clubs to find a full set of irons.  Picked up a 4-PW used set of Callaway Hawk Eye VTF irons with steel shaft for $225.  Couldn't find much info about them other than a few reviews.  Will take them to the driving range later tonight.  Finding these online with a wide range of prices, do you guys think I got a fair deal?  Can take them back within 30 days if I don't like them.

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I was a Callaway guy for years I only switched to Ping in the last months only becasue I liked the way they played and need new clubs. Although I had never played that model I have friends that have owned or still do play those clubs and they have been very happy with them. I dont recall if they have the Uni-flex shaft in them or not that may be the only issue you have with them, that shaft is a love them or hate them relationship. IMO it was a bad move to go to that shaft, but my son likes them I hate them.

You have 30 days give your self a bit of time to get used to them. As far as the deal goes my sons X20 in really great condition where $200. Callaway has your model on the Pre Owned site for $212 on up to $348 so if your happy with the price and the clubs fit you well , you got a good deal and you are the one that matters.

Have fun Callaway is a great brand.

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AP1's titleist very forgiving and the 710 can be had for a good price on line or a good resell shop.

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