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My Swing (motledf08)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​  4 years off and on. The past year I have been working much harder to improve my game

My current handicap index or average score is: 15

My typical ball flight is: pretty high and straight with a slight draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: terrible snap hooks that are also pulled to the left. After viewing myself on camera, It is obvious that I need to shorten my swing




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Originally Posted by motledf08 View Post


After viewing myself on camera, It is obvious that I need to shorten my swing


Haha, yeah, I'd say that's a good starting point. I was watching it frame-by-frame and kept waiting for the downswing, but the club just kept going further and further back. John Daly-esque. 


Try to get the feeling that when your shoulders stop turning, your arms stop moving. 

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Looks like your hands are to close to your body at address ( so your a tad to close to the ball ) hands should be straight down the shoulders. Stand a little further away will get you more room to come back square at impact. Backswing shorter and your good to go.

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I'm far from expert, but my 2 cents worth would be, like tomvk77 said, hands are too close at address, so instead rotating (swinging) you start just picking them up somewhere in the middle of backswing. I would strongly recommend getting a towel under both armpits for more arm-body connection, as you can obviously see they travel way too far after your shoulders stop turning.

And I bet you stop your backswing only when you feel the strain in back muscles and ribs... so when you practice with towel under your armpits try to stop the backswing before you get the feeling of the strain, as it is still possible to overswing even with a towel under armpits.. that is my sad experience :) still strugling to shorten the backswing.

On the downswing I don't see much wrong, a bit of early extension only.

After the impact, as for my eye, there is a bit too much inside out, the clubhead is not rotating around your body, but still traveling towards the target and going up, as you can tell from a very steep shaft on your followthru, so maybe that is where those hooks are coming from.

That is all I can see in this video. But like I said, I'm no expert, so please someone correct me If I'm wrong.

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