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Callaway X Hot Irons

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I am thinking about buying a new set of irons, I have been looking at the Callaway X hot irons as I have got the X hot woods and hybrid and feel pretty happy with them. This is not set in stone though and will depend on how well I hit them.


I have been playing around 6 months now and I bought most of my gear of the shelf with stock setup. I am wanting to go and get a custom fitting done mainly for a static measurement to make sure I am not using something that is setup incorrectly for me.


I am after a bit of advice, with the time of the year do you think I should hang on a bit to see if the price drops on these Irons with the end of season approaching, they are currently around £379 for 5-PW?? 


If its advised I should hang on a couple of months, do you think its worthwhile getting a custom fit done anyway to see if my current Irons are setup wrong??




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still on the hunt for advice

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You can do some simple measurements to see if you need clubs that are longer or shorter than standard length. There are charts that will tell you depending on the distance from your wrist to the ground. Otherwise it might be too soon to do a detailed fitting because your swing might change significantly as you get better. It depends on whether you think that you swing tempo and mechanics are fairly consistent at this point.
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thanks for reply. i did a online check and i found myself fairly standard but wasnt sure how accurate it was.

i think my swing is fairly consistant so happy with that respect. just not sure if theres a price drop just around corner??
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I don't know how seasonal changes work in the UK. 


In the US,typically, the longer you wait, the better the opportunities for price reductions. Here, they've reduced the price but I would expect the prices to drop more drastically when new iron models are announced. I believe Callaway is working on new irons, so I am assuming prices will drop here again.


After purchasing stock and custom setups, I find that irons fit me better with a custom setup - I have more shaft choices, and this and lie changes,and how the club is balanced, is where I've seen the difference.

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