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falling out

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I saw a guy fall out of a cart today it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. When he didn't get up I felt bad for laughing . he was knocked out cold . I was going to jump in my cart and go help him out when he started to get up any of you ever seen this.

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Yes, when my son was 9 he was horsing around and fell out of a cart. Luckily, they were driving at something like 2mph.

After a long lecture about safety and the possibly one losing a leg, he never did that again.
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My college aged son and I were practicing hitting our drivers off of the tee at our club and each hit about 10 balls down the fairway and got in the cart to go retrieve them. We were just scooping them up as we drove along. I misjudged the distance on one ball and as he leaned out a little extra far he fell out. Somehow he landed on his feet facing the opposite way we were going and never fell down.

(Pretty impressive actually since we were going pretty fast).


Not so funny was when my sister's kids about 8 and 10 years old came to my house and wanted to ride around in the golf cart. After driving slowly around the pasture a time or two the oldest (a boy) was driving and started getting a little too wild with his little sister riding with him. Just as I was going to stop them he turned a corner too sharply (and too fast) and the girl fell out and hit her head pretty hard on the ground. Luckily she was thrown clear of the cart and not badly hurt but I felt awful. My kids were always on four wheelers, tractors, go carts, golf carts, horses and anything else that would move and never really got hurt and were always fairly safe drivers. I won't be trusting other people's kids on motorized vehicles again though.

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The worst that's happened to me was misjudging the depths of water in a small depression while on vacation. It looked like it was only an inch or so of rainwater in a little depression that had flooded recently, but it turned out to be close to a foot of water. I was only a passenger, but even the driver of the cart couldn't help but laugh when it happened since everyone had thought we'd be fine. He stopped laughing as soon as we started trying to get it unstuck.

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