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Putting aids

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Anyone try this new putting aid yet. I just picked one up and it seems to be helping me out. Its called the EOB or eyes over the ball.

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How much are you selling it for?

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I dont sell them but I do know the people that do sell them. They go for $19.95 and you can find it [link removed] I think Golfsmith carries them too.

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Before getting closed for being an obvious spam thread, I will add a putting aid that seems to be working for me.  At a recent scramble tournament, my wife got closest to the hole on a par-3. She received a putting training aid called Pathfinder, made by a Swedish company. The company professes that over 300 tour pros use it, including Henrik Stenson.


It's a plastic plate-like device that you put on the green, then insert some pegs in adjustable sockets to work on your path, both back and through. Very similar to the tee drills, but these little pegs are magnetic, so even if you hit them, they will stay in place, but you can hear it if your path is off.  The gizmo also has a mirror so you can check your eye location. You set the ball down in an indent, set the pegs and work on maintaining a good path. Since they are adjustable, you can set them for either straight-back-straight-thru or an arc path.


Anyway, it showed my path was all screwed up. I was taking the putter back outside the line, which was causing a lot of pulled putts. After working with it for a short while, I think I've got a more square path and the ball rolls end over end more often. Time will tell, but I sank six putts yesterday in the 10-15' range, so I like it.

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