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Tempo is the glue

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Ok, so I haven't been on lately. I went awhile without swinging a club too. The reason is I had a brain anneurysm and have been laid up in a hospital bed. I finally get out and slowly recover. The doctor finally clears me for physical activity, AT MY OWN PACE! So I go to the range to hit balls. I found out that if I swing to hard, and try to kill it, my head will pound from the straining and tensing. If I swing smooth and focus on tempo I hit the ball solid and far. So I got instant feedback! I call it the anneurysm drill! I heard someone say you can do everything right in the golf swing and have bad tempo and have poor results. Do everything wrong and have good tempo and have a chance! I don't know how true this is but I do know to me that tempo is the most important thing in MY swing.
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Glad you are back and feeling better.  

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Best of luck

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Fantastic news that you are feeling better. What an interesting side effect of that injury. I bet that your tempo will end up being the hallmark of your swing.

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Glad you are on the mend, best wishes.  

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Best wishes on a speedy recovery!


I find much the same thing with tempo and timing.

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