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Ft. Lauderdale golf

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How is golf in the area: crowded, expensive, etc? Are there reasonably priced semi private courese, rather than public munis? I will be applying for a job there. Doesn't mean I will even get a response, so I am only curious incase. Can't find work here in NYC, so might as well look elsewhere. Either in CO, or since I saw something where it is warm, I wil definately look into it after the winter we have been having.
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I have not played much on that side of the state. I am sure the courses (like around here) are packed during snowbird season and easy to get tee times (and cheaper) in the summer.


All I am going to suggest is to have a job when you move down - the job market is pretty rough down here.


I moved down 10 years ago with,out a job but things were different and I was employed (well below my skill level) within a month - now I am flooded with people bugging me for a job (they think I do nothing all day and it is all easy - but they have no idea what we did to build our brand) Even retail jobs are taking a big hit.


Depending on your field, it can be tough to even get an interview before you move - I cant tell you how many times I flew down here for interviews only to find out that they would not take me seriously until I had a Florida address.


Good luck in your search!

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     Thanks. I don't plan on moving anywhere until I have a job(written offer,etc). I have been a mainframe developer/analyst for 27 years. 7 years ago, my job was outsourced and been consulting on and off since. Only worked 40% if the time. It's worse now because there is INsourcing too. Sucks. No jobs for Americans. Anyway, I see, and get Emails, for contract positions all over. No way. Move somewhere and 3 - 12 month contract ends, then what? This is a full time with benefits. I was thinking of taking a chance then, maybe get a studio, or 1br apt, even a furnished apt,  incase it doesn't work out. Full time means nothing now days too unfortunately. Then if it lasts, get something larger and more furniture. But it is only a thought(dream), since I send dozens of resumes a month and hear nothing. They go into a black hole and disappear. Wow, didn't even think about the snowbirds crowding the courses.  Oh well. Again, thanks for your input. We shall see.

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There's a ton of golf options in the Ft Lauderdale area that will fit every need and budget.  Private, semi-private, public, or muni. Pricing from less than $15 per round to $100+.


Take a quick look on GolfNow or another on-line booking site and you'll get a good idea of what's available, including pricing and player reviews.


Good luck!

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