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New Golfer from St.Louis!

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 Hi everyone! I am Darron from St.Louis, Missouri. I have been playing for less than a year (I started in July). It started out as a joke to be quite honest, my buddies had started 2 years ago and they decided to drag me along one day. We played a par 3 course (I think par is 59 on that course) and I had not went to a driving range or anything. I shot an 87 with a set of rented from the course, junk clubs. Compared to their fancy cobra drivers and whatever irons they had that day I was a little behind the curve.  I somehow managed beating one of them while losing by like 4 to the other. Although it was nothing mind boggling I was proud that I was able to beat guys that had played 2 years longer than I had, had actually been to the driving range, and have had lessons. I am now trying as hard as I can to learn the correct everything. I do a lot of drills for putting and irons play. I have went out 3 times this year already and I go to the driving range at least 2 times a week. As I learn club selection I am getting better. I went from making 3 putts to usually having 2 putts. All 3 times out I have played my irons very poor.So for now I will wrap up this long winded post and end with this I look forward to becoming a part of your forums and cant wait to learn.

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Well Darron, you've come to the right place to learn about golf, so welcome aboard. Don't be shy about asking questions, and post up if you think something can be of use to other members, as we like to play it forward. Lots to read on the site, enjoy your stay.

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ive been going through some threads. Seems like a pretty tight community compared to most forums I am on. It dont seem like too much bickering or anything so thats good. If I seen a bunch of that I would be outta here quick lol. I am on forums for all of my hobbies (I have a ton of hobbies).

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Originally Posted by dhicks33 View Post

ive been going through some threads. Seems like a pretty tight community compared to most forums I am on. It dont seem like too much bickering or anything so thats good. If I seen a bunch of that I would be outta here quick lol. I am on forums for all of my hobbies (I have a ton of hobbies).



Yep, most of the guys here are good dudes, and some are pretty good golfers, and teachers. I think you'll find that friendliness goes along way, so I'm sure you like it here. I'm outta here for tonight, good reading to you..:beer: 

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Welcome to the site, and to the madness of this silly game!

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I only have one goal in golf really. That is to have a single digit handicap by the end of like next year (2015).Being a midwest golfer winter is tough to practice the game though.  I do not know what my current handicap is nor do I care to know. I know that whatever level I am at is not where I want to be. I want to be 10 times better than what I am now. I feel like golf can be an easier game as I create a better swing. I dont have too much of a problem driving the ball and I hit it around 265-280 (I was told this is a little better than average for a player my skill set i have no clue though). My irons are the main problem currently and I usually 2 putt. My putting drills are the classic tiger woods 2 tee drill and rolling over a quarter from about a foot which made a huge difference on short putts for me.


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Fellow new golfer here too, post your swing in the My Swing forum. You can get a ton of help there if you don't have the finances to get a bunch of swing coach sessions. 


I'm coming up on my 1 year golf anniversary and I'll tell you the main thing I learned over the months is that you just have to have fun in your first year. I worried too much about score in the first few months when I really should have just been worried about getting as much experience and consistency as possible. Still keep score but don't dwell on it. Golf is a funny game, your swing may get 100x better and your game might deteriorate for a while because of it. Keep at it. I think one of the pros here stated one time that the best technical swing he ever took ended up being a slice...and he was still very happy because he knew his swing was coming together. Everything just takes practice to make perfect. 


Personal tip. Get one of those flat putting mats to use at home...and not the one's that have a hill that you need to putt up on...just a flat one. I use it every time I walk by it and my putting within 1 to 8 feet has increased dramatically. I still have some trouble reading breaks but I know that I can hit my putts really damn straight...it's a confidence builder. Also when I get to practice on a nice big green I just practice my lag putting because I know my short putts are where I want them. 


I'll link a couple important threads when i find them. GOOD LUCK. 

Is there a reason you care so much about getting to a specific handicap?

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There is not really a reason for wanting a specific handicap. I just consider a single handicap golfer a fairly good player. I feel like single digits is a nearly realistic goal and I just like having something to work towards. I was a 4 year high school baseball player. I graduated in 2013 and needed something competitve so my buddies drug me to the golf course to laugh at me I realized how fun and competitive it can be and so has begun my obsession. Creating goals for myself is the only way I'm going to get where I want to be so that's why I came up with a single digit handicap.
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