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S & T downswing

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I have the books, videos and have worked through the drills, methods etc.

I know that I keep getting hung up in initiating and executing my downswing. My takeaway and backswing are fairly good I believe but I always feel like I am rushing from there into the downswing and trying to correct my movements from on.

Anyone else work through this particular problem or find a great drill that helped them improve it? It's an old habit that I had even before S & T. The odd time that the habit doesn't come out my swing feels great and the result is always great as well.

Please help.....I know I need to just slow down, but it's harder than it seems lol. Anyone who has worked through this knows exactly what I mean lol
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Hi Beedee, First off welcome to the SandTrap. There are a number of places on here that will help you with S&T including a monster thread which you should look through here.



The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing
started on 10/30/09 last post 09/02/15 at 10:26am 1776 replies 271467 views


You should also browse around threads with 5SK as well. 


After doing some reading and you are still struggling post your swing in the my swing section here for some help.

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