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DT Solo right for me?

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I shoot in the mid 80's usually, and although I've never had it measured, my swing speed is in the neighborhood of 110.  I have been using only yellow DT solo's for the past few years because I like a yellow ball and they say Titleist on them.  Last weekend I got matched up with some low handicap golfers, and they were questioning my choice of ball.  Like I said earlier, I don't really have a reason for choosing that ball except that I prefer yellow ones.  What exactly would a firmer ball do?  Would it increase my control and allow me to hit more GIR's?  I think my distance is fine, and I putt well with my DT's.  Would changing to a firmer ball really change my game? 


I haven't played with a different ball since I broke 100.

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DT Solo is the distance ball for Titleist.  With your handicap, you may want to be looking for a ball that is better around the greens.  ProV1 and ProV1X would be the best around the greens.  The NXT series would be second best.  Swing speed really doesn't matter that much, no matter what the marketing folks say.  Titleist's own site shows only a 4 or 5 yard difference between their distance ball and the higher spin ball like ProV1 and X.


I prefer Titleist because they are made in the USA and right here in Massachusetts.  I would recommend trying the NXT and ProV1 series and see if you like the performance around the green better.  What I have found is I can hold the green with a 6 iron from 160 with the ProV1 due to the spin I get.  With the DT Solo and other distance balls, I don't get enough spin and it will roll out more, sometimes off the green.  


Chipping, pitching and putting are better with the ProV1 series and NXT series too. 


I have also found that the ProV1 lasts longer.  The coating seems more robust and doesn't scuff as easily for me. 


I think the NXT series do come in yellow as well.

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Thanks for the insight.  I have really high loft on all of my irons (I don't hit anything higher than a 5) so they usually stop within 5 feet or so.  I will check out some NXT's next time I buy balls.  Thanks again

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I have played both the DT SoLo and the NXT Tour S.  I prefer the NXT Tour S.  To both of them, I prefer the Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS... but I hate they don't make it in yellow.  Softest, nicest feeling ball I have ever played.  Performance and scoring wise though, lol, not much difference.  It's not the arrow but the shooter.  Any premium ball like these to a mid-80s shooter probably wont make much difference, just try them and play whichever feels best.

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