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New Golfer with questions on replacing grips and iron length.

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Hell everyone, I want to start off by saying I am brand new to golf, I have done a few scrambles for fun in the past, but I have always loved the game, I am now getting more involved with it and need some advise.  I have a very strict budget so I cant afford a lot of the new equipment that is out there, a few years ago a friend of mine gave me his uncles old golf clubs, the irons are Ping Karsten II The drivers are Super Concords by Nickent , I realize these clubs are pretty old, however they were barely used when my friends uncle had them.  I am 6'3" , the clubs are standard length, this hasn't presented an issue for me so far, I mainly have used only the irons are the driving range due to the drivers having a lot of flex and I am not used to them. 


My question is this:  I have looked at getting new grips put on to replace the original ones, I have big hands, so I was wondering if that would help, also when I was measured they said for irons I need +.50 , is there a way I can get longer grips to add half an inch? I haven't noticed anything yet, would it make a difference noticeable for someone who would be going only a few times this summer for just fun.   My situation is I work minimum wage, and am on a budget so I am looking for the most cost effective path to take that would make them feel like new clubs again.  Thank you.

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You cannot extend club length with grips. You absolutely can, however, get grips that are sized appropriately for you. A too small grip is no good. You can go to any grip manufacturer site and it will tell you how to measure your hands to determine proper grip size. Since you're on a budget, I recommend re-gripping the clubs yourself. It's not too difficult, and there are lots of YouTube videos showing you how to do it.

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Thank you, Ill look into that, would the .50" that I was given when measured for clubs make a noticeable difference in how I swing or in general if I am just an occasional course player.   When I was hitting the irons I have at standard length, the loft I was getting was decent height, it surprised me, and good distance with a straight line.

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If you're hitting them high, far and straight, don't change a thing. ;-)

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If you need the extra 1/2" in length, there are steel extensions that can be epoxied into the shafts and then cut to length.  You can also go to most any golf store and look at the selection of grips and  to see how the different sizes (standard, oversize and jumbo) fit your hand.

Given you are just starting and reportedly are hitting the clubs you have pretty well, I'd regrip and play the clubs you have until you are comfortable, then get fit for a set you can play for a few years into the future.

Good luck and enjoy yourself.


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I want to say thank you for all the great replies already, it has helped a lot.  I have been to the driving range a few times a week for awhile now, but I am hesitant as to what course to play on because of the fact I am new to everything still, I have had experiences in the past where some golfers have gotten mad and given insults because it takes me longer than others who have golfed their whole life on some holes.  is there anything I can do to avoid this so I can enjoy myself without feeling pushed thru 9 holes like that, that was a lot of the reason I stopped golfing a few years ago.

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Ask the starter or pro shop to try pairing you with some other relatively new or high handicap golfers.

Also, if you have a par 3 course, that might be a good place to play a few rounds to work on swing and distance--that's how/where I started.


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I also saw a few people installing grips using an air compressor, is that possible to do with any grip myself? to avoid using the double sided tape and solvent.  I saw a store by me that has the extenders I may pick it up and give it a try, see how it works.

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If you are hitting the ball in the air and straight, you might not need longer clubs, depending on your arm length relative to your height. As others said, not a big deal to add if that is the case. Go to the PING web site and I think they have an online fitter. While you may not be using all the features, it should give you an idea of the club length you need.

I may get blasted for saying this, but the difference in doing your own grips or not is a couple of bucks a club. It is not that hard to do, but for me it is just cheaper to get someone to do it; I would probably mess up that much in materials. Now I may get into it, as I have gotten interested in scrounging vintage equipment, and if I change a lot of grips it would be worth it. But, if you have one set and change the grips every year or every other year, you are only talking about $15-20 difference per year in doing it yourself or having it done. I am not knocking doing it yourself if you have time and talent. I do a lot of do-it yourself stuff, just not golf grips.

I think with the air compressor, you still use tape and solvent; it just makes the installation go faster.
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I went on the Ping website and did the measurements for club fitting and the sheet it printed out for me for irons it just said +.50" , I assume that means to add .50 to each iron from standard length.  I was at the driving range the other day using the irons, I have the Ping Karsten II , I know there old but they were barely used when I got them passed down to me.  I hit the 3 iron off of the mat at the driving range and had the ball flight was straight 7 times out of 10 ( the other times I probably messed up somehow) and I the yardage signs on the range I had a few balls go around the 275 mark, is that a good distance for a 3 iron, I'm still getting back into everything, Im tall 6'3" and was a shot put and discus thrower in track and field for a few years so some of the body movement is similar for me.  I just want to get these clubs to last this summer mainly and to be effective  then ill be saving up to get a new set for next year.

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The Ping website gives you a rough starting point for getting tested on equipment. But, you have to actually hit the clubs to see what shaft length / lie angle you need. Even the Ping rep agrees with this.


As for track & field...

in the 1960s, I caddied for a gentlemen who had been a US Olympic alternate in the discus. He had a discus-like knee dip and hip rotation in his swing, and he hit the ball a long way.

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