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2 iron hybrid

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So I got a Adams 2 iron hybrid with a steel shaft in a trade. I want to switch over to a graphite shaft but there is so many to choose from. Is there anything in particular I should look for, like ones I should stay away from? Any suggestions would help thanks a lot
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Most brands do a high launching hybrid shaft!
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Current and recent past Adams hybrids have different stock shafts, depending on model. (What model is yours?)


The V4 hybrids (I have the 3H an 4H) came with Mitsubishi Bassara shafts (pretty nice for stock), which were a low-mid launch shaft 60-gram R.flex. The shaft delivers a lower, hot ball launch that comes to good height at its peak.


The newer Adams Idea comes with a Bassara Eagle shaft; the Pro has Aldila Tour Red; and the Pro Mini has Aldila Tour Green.


If you know a good clubfitter, get some baseline figures on a launch monitor and pick a shaft what matches your swing.

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Thanks for the reply
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