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Chicago Golf - Practice Facilities

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Hi all,

This is my first post on here, so forgive me if this topic has already been discussed before. I live in downtown Chicago, and without a car and working a 9-5 job, it's been tough to find places to practice during the week. Anyone on here have any suggestions?


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Sorry I can't help, but hopefully someone will be able to give some personal insight.


I did want to welcome you to our happy little crowd though.  Hang around!   :beer:

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Give this place a shot. http://play18chicago.com/ 


The best golf courses near downtown are at Harborside.http://www.harborsideinternational.com/

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Paging @cedrictheo and Lloyd, but I can never remember Lloyd's username.

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There is a driving range at diversey and lake shore drive... http://diversey.cpdgolf.com

They also have a course. http://sydneymarovitz.cpdgolf.com
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City of Chicago is tough if you love/like golf.  As posted, within close proximity you really only have option of Diversey driving range and the 9 hole. And yes the various virtual places if that suits you.


I use both and both are completely overpriced and the driving range is less than desirable IMHO. The 9hole is usually packed and slow play.


I have limited availability to a car also, but will take trains to various golf courses outside of the city.

This works well for me and have found a number of course that are within walking distance of the train.

Yeah you might look odd schlepping your clubs on the train or down the road , but who is the joke really on ;-).


2to mention  that are close to train - many others out there

- Downers Grove PD course has a nice range and a very nice 9 hole.

-Water's Edge in Worth – 18 hole in decent shape and price.



HarborSide I have mixed emotions because it is a great course(s) but expensive and the wind is a pain. Still play it a few times during the season . And the practice facility is awesome. However it's difficult to get to if you don't have a car.

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If you live downtown you are screwed without a car.i think there is a bar with golf simulators in lincoln park. The chicago land area is great for golf if you have a car tons of courses right outside the city
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What about winter practice? Any nice indoor ranges?
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White Pines in Bensenville puts up a huge golf dome from November through Mid May.   Well heated, golf lessons offered, etc.

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Yeah, its been tough to get out and practice/play since getting rid of the car back in April. I've definitely been that guy with his clubs on the el/metra. 

Recently, I started using Enterprise CarShare (like Zipcar) and going out to the range at Skokie or Golf Center Des Plaines. 

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