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Vintage find

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Was taking a stroll through the local Salvation Army when I stumbled upon a set of clubs. Wilson Arnold Palmer glide through sole signature college reg no. 62174 irons 2-9. Can't really find any information on them and was hoping one of y'all could help me out, thanks.
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Likely not worth much. Just old clubs.

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Just wanted to know if the clubs are worth using. Seem like a nice iron set.
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A quick poke around on Ebay found a set recently sold for 66 bucks. As for playability?

Well, that would depend on your ability to hit the ball consistently on a sweetspot about the size of a dime. No "game improvement" clubs, these, I'll tell ya what. IF you use them for practice- that will help develop and groove a 'near the sweetspot" swing that can carry over to your you normal clubs. IF they are weighted similarly, that is.

this would be after you spend money for new grips, I'm sure.

You would also lose distance for sure. as mentioned these aren't high tech trampolining faces with "speed chambers" and all kinds of unobtanium weight chambers meant to hit the softer ball of today. Lofts would be weaker as well. that 150 yard 8 iron you play with your modern clubs will probably be around 130 with the old clubs.
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