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An old school no frills "audiophile" and sentimentality

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This is my primary stereo receiver:


It's nearly 30 years old and still kicking although mine looks a little more worn. It has no remote, no surround sound, no spdif output, no hdmi inputs, no BT, the list goes on. It is the equivalent of an old car with manual steering, manual roll up windows, no antilock brakes but with a finely tuned and maintained engine that never breaks down. Its amplifier parts were taken from another NAD model, the 3020, which was known for its awesome sound and yes, musical goodness flows out of it, clean and warm.

It is very Apple, it does very few things but it has a great "interface", intuitive and simple, no manual required. It looks like it belongs in a museum, almost a work of art. Every time I consider replacing it, I'm just about to pull the trigger, but I say, never mind, it works well, seems excessive to replace it. Eventually one day, the always advancing tech out there will make it a burden. It needs a digital to analog converter to play audio output from the tv. It's a pain you can't control the volume from a remote. You can't play music wirelessly from a smartphone or computer.

The day will come when it'll be replaced by something with all the bells and whistles, but that will have a remote with as many buttons as an airplane cockpit, the back will have a million outputs and it'll be a spaghetti of wires to hide away and there won't be a piece of art on the cabinet anymore, but hey, I won't have to get up to change the volume.

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    • 100 & 90 - not sure.   I started golf pretty early.   I'm sure I shot in the 80's some time around 14 years old.    80: I shot 80 on the nose more than a handful of times between 1999 and 2018.   but never could get below, till I shot a 78 last summer.   which was baller.   70:  yeah, we'll see about that.  
    • Here are my top five favorite and least favorite players currently on the PGA Tour. Favorites------------Jason Day, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler and Francesco Molinari Least Favorites----Dustin Johnson, Bill Haas, Billy Horshel, Rory Sabbatini and Hunter Mahan                                                                                                                                           I don't really dislike the last five as much as I just catch myself pulling against them when they are in contention. (Also, I realize Haas and Mahan are not in the top 125 right now). Who are your favorites and least favorites?
    • Well, it's not an absolute, of course.  It's just a tendency to fare well in the long game and crap out in the short game.  (BTW, the 7-iron over the green was pretty useful information for me.  It is the result of my fiddling with the swing.  Looks like I am getting about 20-30 yards extra off my irons with this hips-first swing.) Also, on the 7 you quoted, I hit a 2nd shot off the tee since the right shoreline is tree-lined and I did not think I could get a decent drop.  I should have put that part in there.  Naturally that faded some and ended under a tree anyway. pfft Klineka, we are so far off the topic now that I have nearly forgot the point. Actually, this thread has been off point for a long time anyway.
    • made some changes and have a few DTL videos to share. noticed inconsistent ball position was causing some previously unexplained mishits. using a couple of alignment rods to fix this. widened stance and feeling more centered foot pressure. just feels more solid. keeping chin higher at address and throughout backswing. much easier to get a full turn and had the unintended consequence (along with wider stance) of reducing lateral head movement when i load up (à la henrik stenson). using a neutral grip now. most frequent miss has turned into a pull. neutral grip helps prevent pull hooks. first video is a drill (7-iron) i'm using to improve tempo and separation. it's the drill i love to hate: challenging and significantly reduces power but very helpful. this particular swing is acceptable but i want to try to get more separation. 1) i need better core strength and to do more pelvic exercises. and 2) i need to trust the top half will follow the bottom half. feedback or questions? second video is about 80% tempo with a p-wedge. there's a clear difference between this and the drill swing. i hit this ball dead straight but it could've easily been a 10-yard pull if my timing was slightly off. i want to fix this so i don't rely on timing and i think that starts with a more consistent path on the backswing (like in the drill) and getting better separation so i don't jump at the ball from the top before sliding/turning with the lower half. feedback or questions? third video is an example of how much more drastic this swing flaw looks with longer irons. here i'm hitting a 16.5* driving iron. saved the shot with good timing and roasted a baby pull fade but it could have turned out badly. i want this club to be my fairway finder. have made solid progress in the last few weeks but still have a bit of work to do before i'm comfortable bagging it. feedback or questions?  
    • I wear jeans to work, and thus find myself on the driving range wearing jeans quite frequently.   No real positive or negative to swinging in jeans.  a bit hot in the summer.   kinda nice in the fall.   
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