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Putting it together



I had a pro am tourney today and shot a (-2) 70.  It's hard to quantify the round versus how the round would have gone with my driver.  As my last blog post said, my driver broke on Friday.  So today I played with no driver.  I do have an older SLDR S, but I just don't feel comfortable with it and the misses with it are really bad.  So, I thought it best to leave it at home.  Luckily, this course isn't the longest so I really didn't need more than 3 wood.

Some stats for the round: 8/14FW and 15GIR, no three putts so of those 3 missed greens, 2 were bogies.  Therefore, I had 4 birdies.  My most trouble came from par 3's.  I just had some bad tee shots on them.  

Overall, I hit a fairly consistent draw the whole round.  Most mishits came from chunking slightly.  Obviously I had a lot of GIR, but I wasn't getting those approaches as close as I would have liked.  A lot of approaches drew more than I had anticipated.  I had 2 bad tee shots today that made me have to punch draw my 2nd shots.  But somehow I put one 10ft away and the other 20ft away from the pin.  So I recovered very nicely.  My putting was good overall.  It was really just not getting my approaches closer.  

Now, if I had a driver, would I have scored better or worse?  I don't know.  There are certainly holes where using driver would've been better, but other holes where it was good not having driver to tempt me from trying something I shouldn't.  

I must say, though, that it's nice to finally put a round together in a tournament.  I hope I can keep this going.  There are a few more events left this season.


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