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Putting it together



I had a pro am tourney today and shot a (-2) 70.  It's hard to quantify the round versus how the round would have gone with my driver.  As my last blog post said, my driver broke on Friday.  So today I played with no driver.  I do have an older SLDR S, but I just don't feel comfortable with it and the misses with it are really bad.  So, I thought it best to leave it at home.  Luckily, this course isn't the longest so I really didn't need more than 3 wood.

Some stats for the round: 8/14FW and 15GIR, no three putts so of those 3 missed greens, 2 were bogies.  Therefore, I had 4 birdies.  My most trouble came from par 3's.  I just had some bad tee shots on them.  

Overall, I hit a fairly consistent draw the whole round.  Most mishits came from chunking slightly.  Obviously I had a lot of GIR, but I wasn't getting those approaches as close as I would have liked.  A lot of approaches drew more than I had anticipated.  I had 2 bad tee shots today that made me have to punch draw my 2nd shots.  But somehow I put one 10ft away and the other 20ft away from the pin.  So I recovered very nicely.  My putting was good overall.  It was really just not getting my approaches closer.  

Now, if I had a driver, would I have scored better or worse?  I don't know.  There are certainly holes where using driver would've been better, but other holes where it was good not having driver to tempt me from trying something I shouldn't.  

I must say, though, that it's nice to finally put a round together in a tournament.  I hope I can keep this going.  There are a few more events left this season.


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    • All I will say is this. MUCH SHORTER THAN I USED TO! Admittedly I did hit a drive 299 last year but that was an anomaly, not something I can count on! If I can squeeze 240 out of a drive nowadays I'm as happy as a pig in slop! For the most part everything has been adjusted downward at least one club, and wind only complicates things. BTW I'm 65.
    • Oh, yeah! Many years ago one of my buddies found out all he had to do to beat me was get me high before we teed off! He could handle it, I could not! I finally caught on to his game and refused all such additives until after the round!
    • I love mine.  It did take me a few rounds to get used to them since the longer iron’s hybrid construction was a different look and feel, but I love them now!
    • One thing I will ask is have you looked at where your clubface is pointing at address? When the new "golf dome" opened in our area I got an instant lesson. I thought I was addressing the ball with the face square to the target line, but as it turns out I was not! The mat I was hitting on had very subtle "vertical seams" in it, so I set up to have my clubface parallel to those seams, and thus perpendicular to the target line. As it turned out, my clubface was anything but that. It was open to the target line!  When I turned the club to get it parallel to the seams, it appeared closed to me. But I hit a couple of shots and they flew straight and true! This is how little weird things can creep into your setup and mess you up. I have a friend who, when putting, sets up with his feet and clubface looking well left of the hole! He then proceeds to "shove" the putt at the hole. I've shown him this many times, and he can't seem to get past it.
    • It would make sense... But I'm not sure, because I doubt the 30 or so winners, will want to spend New Year's in Hawaii (I would). But that would make sense... Because then you'd have to move Houston to after the Masters... which moves Hilton Head and New Orleans and Wells Fargo... It's going to be an interesting schedule. But I'm guessing Wells Fargo probably would be after the PGA, then Byron Nelson, Colonial, Memorial, Memphis, U.S. Open, Travelers, John Deere, Greenbrier, Open Championship, Canadian Open, Bridgestone, The National?, Wyndham, Playoffs? I read somewhere that the Playoffs might become 3 events, but if you have the Wyndham when the PGA was you can keep it at 4 with no byes, then the Tour Championship would end on the Sunday before Labor Day, when I'm laboring over a 3 foot putt to get to the Finals of the City Championship on Monday.  Tiger needs to get a title sponsor for his event in D.C. or risk losing it. Then what, bring the B.C. Open back? or the old Buick just call it something else? Or do we actually get a "real" Western Open at Cog Hill... Who knows... we shall see.
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