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Friend who swings at 144mph



Working at a golf course, you meet all sorts of golfers with different goals and aspirations.  Jay started out by working as a cart kid and played golf a little bit.  A taller fellow who just wanted to rip it.  It was always funny looking at his clubs.  It was a bunch of different club makers and irons and wedges, because he kept braking everything quickly from swinging hard and hitting turf or sand or something.  He also went through drivers super fast.  One day working he got injured and tore his hamstring which put him out for a few months.

Now, he's back at it.  I gave him my old set of Apex Pro irons, of which he has 3 clubs left, because he broke the others.  Biggest change though is his driver.  He bought a Krank Driver 48in, 3X-Stiff shaft and like 4 or 5 degrees of loft.  He also bought a swing speed monitor to use at the range.  On weekends, he's out there swinging away now and I can't help but try to swing that thing and give him some advice on technique.  I can't swing that darn club; it's swing weight is off the charts for me and I hit a wicked slice.  I did manage to hit 131mph with it, which is cool.  But that's all I got (my average with my own driver is 117mph).  He rips it but wants to get a bit more consistently in the mid 140's for speed (his top speed is 148mph I believe). Take a look for yourself on one he was at 144mph...



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27 minutes ago, billchao said:

Is he interested in competing? 144 is damn good; what's his ballspeed?

He wants to eventually compete.  He says there are a lot of mini events around here that he'll participate in.  His device doesn't have a ball speed measurement so I'm not sure what it's at.   At a local track, he said he had at least one drive go over 400yds from a slightly elevated tee.

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Just now, David in FL said:

More importantly, what's his handicap?

He doesn't keep an official handicap.  If I had to guess, it would be about 14 or 15.  His lost strokes are all off the tee as you would imagine.

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41 minutes ago, Hardspoon said:

Yikes...that's crazy.

I'm surprised you increased your own swing speed by 10% with that driver - is that typical?


I use my driver at 44in.  So add in 4in plus swinging as fast as I can.  It wasn't consistently 131 that I got.  And it was most definitely not straight. 

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19 hours ago, phillyk said:

He wants to eventually compete.  He says there are a lot of mini events around here that he'll participate in.  His device doesn't have a ball speed measurement so I'm not sure what it's at.   At a local track, he said he had at least one drive go over 400yds from a slightly elevated tee.

He should do it and see what the competition looks like. If he can hit the grid at 144mph he's probably got enough to win.

19 hours ago, David in FL said:

More importantly, what's his handicap?

Why is that more important? The guy wants to compete in long drive.

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Update:  I talked with him a bit today and he mentioned that today he maxed out at 152mph club head speed.  He didn't drop below 146mph either.  His thought on what he is doing is that he is bringing the club back more vertically and wider, and feeling more of a whip for his downswing.  Next, I'm going to bring him to a simulator to see some numbers on launch angle, back spin, and peak height to see what adjustments should be made.

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    • I'd download and give it a shot, but then I realized it was iPhone only. I do have a couple questions about the app though if you can answer them, and if you can't they may be things for you to consider. Is the app using the gyro/accelerometer to measure "true down" from the perspective of the phone and then analyzing slopes it sees compared to that? Do you take into account the height of the phone from the surface of the green? If you don't, you'll run into accuracy issues if one person who uses it is 6'5" and the next is 4'10".  Does this work on all grass types, or only the more reflective and shiny grasses? Does it take into account the grain of the grass for varieties like Bermuda? What kind of putt speed does the app assume for your calculated break? Is it supposed to be dying at the hole, rolling 6" past, or rolling 2' past the hole? How are you handling the digital stimpmeter? Is it something where you input the stimp of the green based on a measurement with a regular stimpmeter, or is it something where you can (for example) measure the slope of a green in a certain place and record a putt being stroked along that slope to get an idea of the rolling resistance of the green to calibrate the app? For the second idea, if you were to implement it, you could make velocity calculations without terrible difficulty (still dealing with image processing bullshit, but you're doing a lot of that already) since the size of the golf ball is a known quantity. Do you use the plain camera image to measure the slopes, or are you doing something sneaky and using something like the camera's focusing feature to try and get an idea of the differences between the high and low points? What is your monetization plan? Will the app be a 1 time purchase, or will it be "freemium" with basic functionality and ads/basic functionality and upgrades?
    • I haven't played 9 holes with Gamegolf, sorry I'm no help except to bump the thread.
    • I've used the same Sun Mountain Three 5 bag for the last 7 years now and I can definitely recommend it. It's certainly been durable, since my only issue in that entire time is last summer the rubber carry handle started to disintegrate so I don't use it anymore (leaves black all over my hands if I do). I could get it fixed for free by sending it in to Sun Mountain, but it's not a big deal to me really.  It's light enough to carry with no problems, but big enough to fit whatever you need. I usually carry with it my rain jacket (inside the large pocket), an umbrella (on the side in the umbrella loops), about half a dozen golf balls, three or four gloves, a copy of the rules, some jerky or other snacks, athletic tape, tees and ball marks and pitch repair tools (in a little pouch), yardage books, sharpies, various medications I need to have with me, and whatever other miscellaneous junk I've collected along the way. I don't generally pack that light, but I always have what I need if I need or want it (and I'm young for now, so it'll only do me good to carry around a little more weight so long as its not attached to my belly).
    • Every time I get fitted I get fitted for the best combination of clubhead and shaft for me, and what I'm looking for is generally the tightest dispersion pattern without sacrificing a ton of distance (5-10 yards is ok if the dispersion is significantly better). It's just worked out nicely so far that every time I've been fitted the KBS Tour X-flex shafts have been the best performer for me.  Since that is the case I've kept the same set of shafts through 3 sets of irons now. Ordered them originally to install in my s55 irons, then installed them in some 716MB's that I was testing head to head with MP4's, and then I stuck them in the new set of MP4 heads that I ordered when I determined the MP4's worked better for me than the 716MB's. The two performed about the same as each other and so it really came down to personal preference and comfort. That said, I would switch to a different shaft if I could find one that made an improvement on the launch monitor for me.
    • I used to carry hybrids, but stopped once I got a new set of irons that made it easier to hit my long irons (the PING s55 irons, believe it or not, were WAY easier to hit than the old Eye 2's I had for a long time). The reason I stopped using hybrids was pretty simple: I found it easier to hit a long iron high than it was to hit a hybrid low. Hybrids spin a lot and it made it a challenge to keep them low in the wind, but I didn't and still don't have many issues getting a long iron up in the air.  Most golfers, however, are better suited by a hybrid than a long iron. They have more issues getting a long iron up in the air than keeping a hybrid low to the ground, simply because of their swing speed and the forgiveness that hybrids provide on mishits. Most golfers also don't have to worry too much about the wind howling on the plains of Eastern Colorado up to 30 mph, so that was another factor for me to take into account (I play in the wind pretty frequently).
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