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Week 2 Update



I missed the gym yesterday for really embarrassing reasons (mostly laundry related; my linen closet, I found out, can hold over 100 DIRTY TOWELS), but miss it I did. I went today, and I'll be going tomorrow. 

The reason I am writing this is because I forgot last week to put my starting weights for what I'm lifting; so, I'm going to do it now. I've already done the first day, and my weights are already going up significantly. I'll post how much they've gone up Friday, so that I don't repeat myself. 


WEEK 1 (10/5 - 10/9)



- Barbell Deadlifts

1: 185; 6 reps

2: 185; 7 reps

- Chin Ups (Assisted)

1: 125; 6 reps

2: 125: 7 reps

3: 125: 8 reps

- Dumbbell Rows

1: 35; 8 reps

2: 35; 9 reps

- EZ Bar Failure Curls

1: 45; 15 reps



- Bench Press

1: 185; 6 reps

2: 155; 9 reps

3: 135; 10 reps

- Incline Bench Press

1: 95; 12 reps

2: 95; 10 reps

- Overhead Two-Hand Tricep Press

1: 40; 20 reps



- Barbell Squats

1: 185; 6 reps

2: 165; 7 reps

3: 135; 20 reps

- Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

1: 185; 12 reps 

2: 185; 10 reps

- Cable Crunches (To Failure)

1: 145; 17 reps


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    • @StuM when I called the course a couple of months ago they said you can mention that you want to add an extra night to the hotel when you book the package through them and the people who are in charge of the stay and play can handle it, did you ask them about that?
    • Though start, bad design. For me.. I would tee it up and hit the biggest club face in the bag that don't airmail the green. Also hit a fade that is a lot easier for me to hit up on the air. 180/190.. it should be a high cut with 3 Wood with a tee 1 inch above the turf.  
    • I'm on the side of thinking that something is not right here and should be reviewed. Let say that their course rating is pretty low, so their index is higher than it should be. But if they always play at their home course they are probably going to play bad away from home so it should even that advantage out or at least lower it down.  Also you can say that they are amazing players under pressure and very skilled in match play format, but at the end of the day variance and luck is always going to play a big role between 2 players of similar handicap. Let's assume that player A have 75% chance of winning a match over player B that only have 25%, there is no way that a player's skill in match play can make such a difference in a match outcome but I prefer to use a number that is hard to argue. (For me.. 60/40, or 65/35 at most) The odds of winning 21 straight matches with that  generous odds are less than 1% (or 1 in 420). Is this proof that they are "cheating" or something, of course not but is evidence enough to note that something is not right and should be reviewed further.     
    • UPDATE.....Please read We still have time to add more golfers to both days, June 1st & June 2nd At this time he have reservations for 20 golfers on each day At this time we have 17 for Saturday at EagleSticks - Room for 3 more At this time we have 16 for Sunday at the Virtures - Room for 4 more Please post ASAP if interested. I need to give a more final count May 17th. They will accommodate a fluke last minute change but lets try to iron this out to they can sell tee-times if we do not need them. It will also be hard to add tee times. COST: If you are golfing both rounds AND staying in the "Stay & Play" hotel the cost is $252 This includes Golf on Saturday & Sunday and Saturday night in the hotel (See below for hotel info.) If you want the "Stay & Play" I need to arrange that. If you ARE NOT staying in the hotel the cost is as follows: Sat. June 1st @ EagleSticks = $80 Sun. June 2nd @ Virtues = $120 You will notice the "Stay & Play" deal is hotel for only $52 extra which is a great deal.  If you want in on that let me know! Saturday tee times are: 10:15, 10:24, 10:33, 10:42 and 10:51 I will try to get those spending Friday Night in the hotel in the early groups to allow others more time to drive in. Sunday tee times are 9:00 9:09, 9:18, 9:27am and 9:36 Saturday after the round we will have an area at EagleSticks to gather for prizes, food & drink.   Sunday after the round is currently un-planned If we can guarantee 16 we can reserve a small room but there would be a hard charge @ $20 per head at the Virtues and we would have a simple buffet Likely we just grab a beer a dog and a table as available. Let me know if you think a more formal plan for Sunday after the round is needed. The "Stay & Play" hotel has changed Double Tree in Newark 50 North 2nd Street Newark, OH 43055 740-322-6455 If you need a hotel for either Friday or Sunday nights you will need to book on your own. I was give an estimate of @ $249 for the Double Tree and do not know if there are better offers elsewhere. I will be arriving Friday, hoping for mid-late afternoon and would love to meet up for dinner with any that are in town. Time & Location TBD Below are the names & have confirmed: Would really love to get more golfers.  Reply if interested.  Time is running down. Below is updated with best information I have. PLEASE add/delete your tag as necessary. Saturday, June 1st at EagleSticks: @iacas @StuM @DaveP043 @billchao @boogielicious @bkuehn1952 @saevel25 @David L Yskes @Hardspoon @georgep @rwolfe @ChetlovesMer @CarlSpackler @Slice of Life @Ryguy22 @DinnerTime @dudu3000 Here is what I have for the "Stay & Play" with Hotel for Sat. Evening.  We will need to "Double up" to extent possible. @billchao and @boogielicious @David L Yskes @StuM and @DaveP043 @saevel25 @bkuehn1952 @Ryguy22 and @DinnerTime @Hardspoon/@iacas organizing their own room. Sunday, June 2nd at Virtues: @iacas @StuM @DaveP043 @billchao @boogielicious @bkuehn1952 @Carl3 @saevel25 @David L Yskes @Hardspoon @georgep  @klineka @Ryguy22 @DinnerTime @vasaribm @dudu3000 Below have express interest but have not confirmed.  PLEASE confirm one way or the other. @Greenshirt100  
    • The dreaded 6 o'clock shadow. 🤣
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