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Week 3 - Stuff




I graduated college back in May with a Creative Writing degree from Georgia State, and it's been a struggle to find work. I had high hopes, too; I was working with (and continue on a more limited basis) a website to write television reviews, and had been for nearly a year and a half by the time I graduated. Essentially, I was guaranteed a certain amount of money (not much, but enough for me to actually work as a freelance writer and not have to take other work), as long as I wrote a certain number of articles for them. I wrote one piece for them, they paid me; I pitched them another article, they said they'd get back to me, and I've heard nothing since. I also had a really good opportunity to edit sports articles for a site, which would've been a full-time big-boy job, and that also fell through. 

So, I've been working odd jobs mostly. My father owns a small construction company, and I'll work for him as a helper on occasion. I worked as a bartender for a wedding once, a job a friend got me (I worked 16 hours and got tipped a grand total of $35. I almost committed a homicide). But it's been long patches of financial stress. I'm living at home still, which doesn't embarrass me or anything, but it's been difficult. 

But last week, in desperation, I emailed the sports editor of my local paper. I had emailed the head honcho of this paper before, and got zero response, and that spooked me. But I got a response back this time, and now I'm working freelance for them. I got a response from Uproxx to create content for them, as well, and there is a chance I could get hired on as a staff writer down the road. 

Anyways, the point is that things are looking up. I feel as if I'm finally making progress in my career. I've been incredibly fortunate to have a great support system (something that many people aren't lucky enough to have) to allow me to pursue my career dreams. 

I'm in a good place, and that feels good, and I just wanted to share that. 


Also, I missed the gym on Friday, and I'm embarrassed, BUT IT WAS FOR MY NEW JOBS SO IT'S OKAY, RIGHT?! 

On a serious note, I've made really good progress. I feel so much stronger even after just two weeks; my energy level is higher, I'm motivated to do things, and I don't feel like such an useless idiot anymore. I did one rep maxes for bench press and incline press (225 and 185, respectively), and I'm actually excited to go to the gym now. 

Where I am struggling is with counting calories. It's far too easy to get busy and convince yourself to get fast food. I'm getting better about it, each day, but it's still really, really hard. 


Golfwise, I am struggling a bit. Finding practice time hasn't been as easy as I expected. I broke my driver today, too; cracked the top of the face of my beloved R1. I'm going to get fitted for an M1 now, I think.



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Good on you for persistence and to hear things are looking up Hunter.. I guess you just have to wear down the lean patches in life.

Don't have much uncertainty in life anymore and can't say I miss the stress of not knowing how I was going to stay afloat for a while after college.. But those were exciting times in a way... ha ha.. 

You have such a good head on your shoulders though.. things are bound to work out.


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    • Like @Chris BrooksI also get coached by Erik so I mention that as a back drop to this.  I'm directly stealing this from @Chris BrooksImprove driver speed to a 105 average by August 1, 2023.   I will use The SuperSpeed system as I already have it.  Goal is 105 by August 1 2023, just like Mr. Brooks.  I'm turning 52 this year. So I'm much younger than Chris. 😁 Even so, 105 average should be attainable. I average better than 102 right now. I too, will strive to get to 105.  I'm also going to include a stretching program (which will be monitored by my 8 year old daughter) to help me get there. The stretching should also help me as 2022 was the first season I can remember where I've had so many injuries.  Improve strokes gained putting, with a focus on 0–10 foot putts (I did not steal this one from @Chris Brooks, it just so happens I need the same thing.)  Current overall stokes gained are -2.5 putting, –2.56 on 0–10 feet. (I'm actually gaining strokes on 10-30 feet.) when measured vs a 5 HCP. It's actually pretty close to the same vs Scratch.  The goal is getting to even SG vs a 5HCP.  Improve my wedge play.  I would say the one constant in 2022 was that my wedge play was bad.  My stokes gained 50-100 yards against a 5HCP is -1.7 The goal again is to get to even SG vs a 5HCP.   I like what @saevel25 does with his habit goals. I would like to incorporate some of that into these goals. Especially the last 2 goals of improving short putting and improving my wedge play. As of right now I don't have a plan other than to go get a lesson on both of these areas week after next. When I return from that lesson I will update this thread and include my plan and/or my habit goals. 
    • You missed the point. A foot in the air can be tough to pinpoint on the ground. And as Daniel said, you can score with your head, so… And people have two feet. So that's two body parts. 😉 That's not true. It's really not. I've played soccer since I was 3. It's not "too much." Again, you've missed the point… You can score with your head. Or knee. Or chest. Or butt.
    • So I think… There's a chance he plays like a U.S. Senior Open, the Senior PGA, etc. That counts as the Champions Tour. There's no chance he becomes the commissioner. He's an athlete, and though he went to Stanford, he's not a lawyer or a policy guy or whatever. So I think there's very little chance of that. If he was, it'd be as a figurehead of sorts.
    • Give yourself some credit, Matt. You are thinking about this at a deeper level.  You are probably on to something. I suspect you may be able to blend both ideas together. Here's what you made me think about. I'll use this example. Let's say I set the goal to win the tournament I am playing this April. I may shoot the best score of my life each day. I may shoot a score low enough to win the tournament most years. But, somebody else may stand on his head and shoot an even lower score.  I could look at that outcome two ways. I could say "Dang, I didn't achieve my goal." or, "Because I made that goal I played the best tournament of my life."  To your point, if my goals had been: I'm going to practice the weak points in my game for 90 minutes per week. Work on practice habits that will translate to the course. And Do a better job preparing myself for every tournament I play. Then let's say I have the same outcome as above. One might argue that I would have achieved my goals and because of because of achieving my goals I played the best tournament of my life.  So, yes, I guess it could be semantics. I think however, it's something slightly different. For me, it sounds more like making sure the goals I set are actually within my control. For you, it sounds like the goals you are interested in are more life-style goals rather than mile-stone goals.  I think either can work.  Thanks for at least making me think. 👍😁👍
    • I think if he calls that a hole-in-one he is going to be pissing off the golf gods. (Yes, the golf gods are real and they are a bunch of fickle bitches.) 
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