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Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury - Part 3



After returning home I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who specialized in hand and wrist treatment.  He did an x-ray to rule out the possibility of any broken bones in the hand or near the wrist.  The x-ray showed that there were no bone problems in the wrist.  The doctor thought I likely had some kind of tendon problem near the wrist.  He really did not know or maybe want to say what at that time.  He thought I should first try to immobilize the wrist and put it in a custom splint for about a month.  I was asked to check back with him a couple weeks after taking the splint off.  

He originally thought I would be back playing golf very quickly.  This was one of those situations however, where you just kind of know the outcome may be different based on what your body is telling you.  I had a sense that this was not going to be a simple rest and recover fix.  After taking the splint off, it still did not feel right.  I would continue to have the popping near the wrist with various movements.  It was not particularly enjoyable, and the wrist was in a constant state of irritation.  I decided I was not going to make it any worse by trying to swing a golf club at that time.  I also started to notice that the tendon on the outside of the wrist near the Ulna bone would often visibly appear to pull away from the bone itself and stick out.  I started to figure out which type of wrist movement was bothersome to the injury.  The two main movements that bothered the area were Supination and Ulnar Deviation.  Two movements that are also very much used in the golf swing. 


After doing some more research I started to get a sense for what might be wrong with the wrist.  The problem was somewhat rare, both as a sports injury and in general.  I made another appointment with the specialist to try and see if he would give me the actual diagnosis and confirm my thoughts on what the injury was.  I started to become very worried about whether or not I would play golf again that year.


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