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Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury - Part 3

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After returning home I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who specialized in hand and wrist treatment.  He did an x-ray to rule out the possibility of any broken bones in the hand or near the wrist.  The x-ray showed that there were no bone problems in the wrist.  The doctor thought I likely had some kind of tendon problem near the wrist.  He really did not know or maybe want to say what at that time.  He thought I should first try to immobilize the wrist and put it in a custom splint for about a month.  I was asked to check back with him a couple weeks after taking the splint off.  

He originally thought I would be back playing golf very quickly.  This was one of those situations however, where you just kind of know the outcome may be different based on what your body is telling you.  I had a sense that this was not going to be a simple rest and recover fix.  After taking the splint off, it still did not feel right.  I would continue to have the popping near the wrist with various movements.  It was not particularly enjoyable, and the wrist was in a constant state of irritation.  I decided I was not going to make it any worse by trying to swing a golf club at that time.  I also started to notice that the tendon on the outside of the wrist near the Ulna bone would often visibly appear to pull away from the bone itself and stick out.  I started to figure out which type of wrist movement was bothersome to the injury.  The two main movements that bothered the area were Supination and Ulnar Deviation.  Two movements that are also very much used in the golf swing. 


After doing some more research I started to get a sense for what might be wrong with the wrist.  The problem was somewhat rare, both as a sports injury and in general.  I made another appointment with the specialist to try and see if he would give me the actual diagnosis and confirm my thoughts on what the injury was.  I started to become very worried about whether or not I would play golf again that year.

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    • The tax is 0.88% increase on an already 12% room tax, it's hard to quantify someone complaining about a less than 1% increase on a hotel room who will probably drop a nice chunk of change in the casino, Oakland is not going to build a stadium it's just not economically feasible while they still owe money on the previous renovation in 1995 somewhere near 100 million. The Raiders are moving, 31 owners approved it and everything is already in place the financing after Adelson left was picked up by BofA , the only part that really remains in question is attendance and in todays NFL it's not as important as it was once believed, ticket prices are going to be much higher in Vegas, Oakland was near the bottom at $71, Chicago near the top at $131 so I'll bet LV tickets will be near the highest which will deter much of the element most connect the Raiders with. I expect the casinos are going to use tickets for weekend getaways and target opposing team markets for the date their local team is in town, I don't think Raider home games in LV will be as much a home field advantage as Oakland was or even as intimidating to other teams fans.
    • I have hole like that on my home course (tough tee-shot choice). It's a par four with a large pond down the right side, probable lost ball or forced chip-out if you go left, but a huge reward if you keep it straight or make it over the water as the ground slopes towards the hole. I love hitting driver on the hole, as the potential reward is great, but after a few straight rounds in the water I decided to give my 4-iron a try, since a perfect shot would leave me just shy of all possible trouble. The first two rounds I bogied the hole, so nothing special, but not in the water. Since then I've managed several pars and a birdie (that I even managed to record on video!). I couldn't have done it any better that day. Two, perfect 175yd 4-irons, the second of which stopped in the middle of the green. Then I drained the 25-foot birdie putt and won a quarter.  Only one double, after a shanked chip shot and bad putting, but no penalties. I have played the hole well with the driver before, but the long-term average makes the choice easy...and honestly, even if I needed the birdie, I still think I like my odds with the 4-iron.   
    • So to add intrigue to this discussion.... The M2 has, on multiple occasions, had the face cave and/or crack. My local golf super store, Haggin Oaks, has had to replace at least one set of 2017 M2 irons and several individuals from their demo stock (8, 7, 6, and 5 iron). Like the RSI's?  
    • Here's an interesting thought. Since people outside the game can review video for a few days... like Thursday's round can still be reviewed even on Sunday these days... some unnoticeable transgression could be called in for review during the round and then the rules officials make the correction on the player's card. Now under current rules the player has signed an incorrect scorecard even though they believed it to be correct at the time. So if the round is still under review, why sign the scorecard? Why not wait until the tournament is over before signing your cards? That way every viewer has had their chance to phone it in and make their observations. The rules committee has had their opportunity to make their corrections. Then the players will not have signed the incorrect scorecard.  If this were a legal document, I wouldn't sign it until all the information was finalized.
    • A friend has it down pat, last year he dug a divot so deep, the ball went up a few inches off the tee, under the top of the driver and landed in the front of the divot.
      I gave him grief because he never taps the front end of divots down that he creates with every swing and told him the golf gods were paying him back.
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