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Long term goals and progress

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Well here we are the middle of May with my fresh 8.1 Handicap Index. Why am I posting here? Well I don't know whether to say I'm getting better, or my bad rounds just aren't as bad anymore.

Two years ago, I would occasionally still have a blow-up round that was in the low 100s. I would typically have a bad hole and wouldn't be able to get off the doubles train. My good rounds were pretty good, I had shot in the 70s twice that year, with my typical scores being in the mid 80s.

Fast forward to now, My "bad" rounds aren't quite so bad, I recognize that a bad hole is just that, one bad hole. I don't get on so many bad 4 and 5 hole stretches that are 9, 10, and 11 over par, now my "bad" four and five hole stretches are usually in the 6 over range, most of the time, I'm able to keep the round in the 80s with a stretch of six or seven holes of one or two over.

Anymore the worst I usually make on a hole, is double, a lot of times, I'll find a way to make bogey when double is likely. I don't compound my mistakes nearly as much as I used to, like trying the "heroic" recovery, I just advance it safely and making bogey is my focus, once in a while I'll hit the next shot great and make par.

I want to give credit where credit is due though, I want to thank Erik and Dave for writing Lowest Score Wins. The regulars at my home course can definitely notice a difference. I used to stink it up in the club championship and the city, but tye last couple of years, I've played much better within my flight.

 My main goal is to someday be consistent enough, to hold a 4.4 handicap index, and qualify for some "bigger" events, and hell, maybe have 5 magical days around Labor Day and win the City, but that is a little ways away. I'm getting there, but it's a long journey.

My main hindrance right now, is I really need to hit more greens. I won't be a 4.4 hitting 5 greens a round. My misses are better, but I need to average around 9.5 to 10 "kings" a round, in order to achieve my goal. I'm getting there, but I've only gotten to the fourth floor, with several more floors to go, and this "building" has no elevators.

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