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Long term goals and progress- part II

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Part II: I Can't Hit a full wedge shot

I imagine some of you probably think this is a joke, for an 8.1 Handicap Index to talk about. But, unless it's part of my iron set, if it has the markings of a "wedge" I cannot hit a full shot with any consistency.  I can get away with a 9 to 3 swing occasionally a 10:30 to 1:30 swing. But any fuller, hell no. 

So recently I decided from 90 yards and in, I will not hit a full shot. Ever. Period. 

90 yards. Ok, you would think under normal circumstances would probably be say a 56° or 58° full wedge. For me anyway. Nope, choke down an inch or so on a 52° gap wedge and hit it 10 to 2.

75 yards. 60° wedge? Nope do as above and hit a 9 to 3 (roughly).

60 yards and in... I'm fine. I have a bunch of different ways to play that comfortably. Lately it's been cheat my weight forward and hit a half-swing 56°. Works pretty well.

It's just that hole from 75-100 yards we'll say. I find it funny as hell I hit more greens from the 25 yards outside of that than from that range. Maybe it's mental, maybe I'm doing something completely wrong. I don't know. Golf is hard (R). 

If I can ever sort this out, I'll probably be on my way. 

Stay tuned. I'll update this blog weekly.

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