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Improving, Slightly




So today I had another lesson and we worked a ton on alignment, and making sure that my upper body doesn't lean too far away from the target. This causes my centered turn to end up being around my hips and spine, but keeps my chest behind the ball which causes chunks, no matter how far over I slide my hips. Instead, now my hips slide and as a result my chest hangs back but is slightly ahead of the ball giving me clean contact. Not to mention, controlling my starting line is getting much easier. Every once in a while I still get shots that start just left and hook farther left, but overall most of my shots go straight and barely move or just draw a tad. 

With my driver, I feel like my right leg is almost extending and my weight is turning around that. Similar to what happens in Justin Thomas's swing. In fact, my 'homework' was to watch JT bomb his driver to get an understanding of proper hip turn while my torso 'hangs back' and my right leg extends. 


Oh, and I can hit my 3 wood!


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Glad to hear the lessons are providing improvement. Obviously, improving with all aspect is important, but I've always felt that having the long clubs dialed in can make the game so much easier. 

Keep up the good work @freshmanUTA!

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    • Day 7: 12/05/22 Woke up early. Got a workout in then I headed to the garage to work on my full swing.  Did Block work, but I did switch between 6 iron and 9 iron to add a little variability to it. I'm continuing to work on my priority pieces. I also started and finished by working on shortening my backswing and trying to get rid of a reoccurring problem with my late hip kick away from the target. That and hand path are the two things that continually come back and haunt me. Kind of like an old-school Columbia Record Club membership. Every time I think I've gotten rid of them... they come back again. 
    • I have several questions?  Is this an off-season plan or during the season? Not a ton of actual golf happens where I live from early November to Early March at least.  Where do you put the "getting instruction" part? Seems like there should be a part about "see instructor" or swing coach or what have you.  @cedrictheo Do you actually have 4 hours a day to practice? I wish I did. At best I could squeeze an hour per day. Some days more, but some days a lot less.  What about speed training? Granted I only do it in the off season and kind of every other year, but shouldn't that be included?  Any consideration about fitness? Either golf fitness or general fitness or stretching at least, maybe yoga, should any of that be included in the plan? 
    • I agree that the OWGR shouldn’t award points for finishing last. They may want to rework distribution in limited field events.
    • This section (IMO) should vary some depending on where you are in your current competitive season. In the off season with someone wanting to make some swing changes they could/should spend more than 30 minutes on technical block practice. Let's say 15 minutes were with irons and 15 minutes were with driver/woods. If you are practicing properly that's only ~30 ish swings with irons and ~30 ish with driver where you are working on technical things. (That's on the high side too, probably even less if you are filming every swing and reviewing the swings during the session) Now if you were in more of an in season maintenance mode with your swing then sure it might make sense to have more of the full swing time focused on the skills assessment portion, but if you wanted to make serious improvements in your swing mechanics IMO you should be spending more than 30 minutes out of a 4 hour practice session on full swing mechanics.
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