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League Sourness

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This year we finally got a league established at our club. It was a very good time and I got to meet new people. This being said, the handicapped adjusted scores were very sketchy, but only by one group, that won the whole thing. This was a group of women (who won last year too at a different club) that always seemed to be in the money or beating us no matter how well played. At first I was thinking that my teammate was over reacting to the situation but after the second to last format I started evaluating the situation as well. The format for the day was that everyone played their own ball and 4 out of the 5 players were counted to score, generally not a great format for high handicaps. These high handicap ladies came in at 9 under. Pretty much meaning that 4 of them had to play lights out. The lower my handicap gets the less I am interested in participating in handicap scored rounds verses 20+ handicaps. I know it is in the spirit of fun but I pay money to play and they are winning money that I pay in. Color me sour but it felt pretty futile to play most days. It would be nice to feel like you have a chance.

*addition I found out later was that on scramble days, a longer hitting low handicap joined the team as an alternate...conversely they didn't do as well with the format when the players ball was used, they could no longer use they until the green...

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As I got better and my scoring stabilized I was much less likely to beat my hdcp. 

I won't play in net scoring against guys that are 20+ 20 strokes is too much of a gift, at that level of golf you are still growing by leaps and bounds. Those guys can have a lucky day and blow you out.



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