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Going to take time to get down to 4.x



I looked at some of my Game Golf statistics and some of my other statistics I kept,

My short game is not as bad as I thought it was, my approaches inside of 100 yards need some work though, I'm actually gaining strokes on a 5-handicap with my driving already, even as bad, as I'm driving it sometimes. I'm losing shots on the approaches, but not much -2 ish (the 2 GIRs I need), and my putting is almost dead-on with a 5 Handicap. I'm only losing like 0.162 or something per round (mostly 3 putts between 30-40 feet).

So I'm going to continue to work on my full swing drills to get the handicap down to 4.x... So I need to hit 2 more GIR a round. So 50% GIR gains me some strokes... More next week


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    • You won't find an answer in the rules of golf, so it really comes down to how the committee who organizes the tournament wants to handle that situation. My suggestion would be to phrase the rule such that each team gets two strokes at each ball (a "stroke" being defined as a swing/chip/putt but not a penalty) and then a decision must be made.  So in the case you describe above, Player B would hit from the drop area. Then the team would get to choose whether to play that shot (lying 3) or the layup (lying 2). 
    • Rain and 40° thwarted my chances for golf today and the rest of the week looks poor for a game as well. 
    • Look up in Golf digest the top 100 fitters.  You can pull up your state.  In Massachusetts and New Hampshire for instance there are a few golf shops, a Callaway performance center and some smaller clubfitters that specialize...like I have Ace of  Clubs in Saugus that I use. Do you homework on area places.  I have a place in Manchester NH that would be my #2....just a guy who does fittings with a good reputation.  Often times these are the guys to go to.  Not a fan of ANY big box place and get skepitical about places like cool clubs,club champion and Tru spec overcharging....looking more at getting more customers through the door than the guy I go to who you build a relationship with.
    • Just got my Ping Eye 2 Blue Dot 2-iron.  Back in my earlier days I loved hitting this club.  The shaft is a KT-M.  Looking to replace it with a graphite shaft.  +3/4 inches in lenth.  Driver swing speed is mid-90's.  Club has a 18.5* loft.  Looking for a shaft that might give it a bit more of a mid-high trajectory. Swing tempo is moderate.  Transition is medium and release is middle to late. At the end of the day I'll get fit for it, just wanted to nerd out on some shafts.
    • I do not believe the USGA has a set of Rules for "Chapman" competitions.  By "Chapman", I refer to a team game where a 2-man team each tee off, then switch and hit each other's ball on the second shot and then finally, select one of the balls and alternate shots until holed.  There are other names for this game but many of us use "Chapman." The questions deals with penalty strokes taken and the right to choose which ball to play after two shots.  In the scenario, Player A hit a long tee shot and player B hits a very short drive.  Player A lays up short of a cross hazard for his second, using Player B's tee shot.  They move forward and discover player A's tee shot went too far and is in the hazard.  They drop out and player B prepares to hit. The opposing team states that if Player B hits, the team must pick-up the other ball.  Because they dropped and took a penalty, player B is hitting the team's 3rd shot.  They have no option to use the "lay up" ball once a 3rd shot is made. It sort of makes sense to me.  Player B is going to hit the 3rd shot, whether they play either ball.  It would not be reasonable to allow player B to hit both balls and then choose one of those. Anyone know for sure how it should work?
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