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In the bag-Part the rest of the bag

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So I think I figured out a way to get all of my needed pictures on here in one post.

To review:

Driver: Tour Edge Exotics EX10, 10° head with a Project X HZDRUS Yellow 65 6.0 shaft, Lamkin UTX Grip +1/8" , playing length of 44"0315180231-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.1e65676d9459223c6a471b46ab54549c.jpg

4-wood: Tour Edge Exotics CBX, Project X HZDRUS Yellow 65, 42" playing length, with a Lamkin Z5 grip also 1/8" oversize0315180232a-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.59b5030dd81e969fab5adfa2de338353.jpg

Hybrid: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 20°, with Project X HZDRUS Black 85, 5.5 this time... Standard length (40") with the same grip as the 4-wood. Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the hell is Shane doing with a Regular Flex shaft in his hybrid? Answer: I didn't like the feel of the 6.0, and the other stock shaft wasn't getting the numbers I wanted. The 5.5 fit perfectly in with what I am trying to do at this current time, which is all based on accurate distance. @iacas I have enough distance to spare, I'm just fine-tuning now. Trying to get the numbers the way I want to. The funny thing, I can do what ever the hell I want with this club. High, low, cut, draw. From 180-220 yards this is my "magic club". This is the hybrid that has been a big deal on the PGA Tour Champions lately, the Exotics hybrid staffers have won, finished 2nd a couple times and had numerous top-10 finishes with this hybrid... and this thing does not go left on misses.0315180233-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.1ca141f85954f7a7979294fbf8493cfe.jpg

Irons: Now the part you've been waiting for my irons. Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blades (3-iron thru PW) standard loft (21°, 24°, 27°, 31°, 35°, 39°, 43°, 47°), 2° upright, 3/4" longer, with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT R300 shafts and Lamkin UTX Grips +1/8". Why regular? I like the feel. Why longer? I'm 6'5" Same with the upright. I didn't take any face pics but here is the 5, 7, and PW0315180234-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.661997418490ddd0deb59a2240be2fae.jpg

Wedges: Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blade 52°, 56°, 60° with TT DG Wedge shafts, Same specs as irons, with Lamkin Z5 grips.0315180235-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.ef0362ccda6f51e3b963de7f7d4ac34c.jpg

Putter: Tour Edge Exotics David Glod Tour Series v2.3 with Super Stroke 2.0 Mid Slim grip 35" (I actually have 2 of these). I played the 1.3 for the last two years, I had one gripe, no sight line, I loved the feel, but couldn't line it up well. So now I can.0315180236-COLLAGE.thumb.jpg.09d9bcbcaa418057fb3aa4c0137f0d71.jpg

I will switch between 3-iron and my 60° sand wedge depending on course conditions.

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    • I saw this on msn and it makes me bristle. I have been a fan of golf all of my life. Watching Palmer, Nicklaus, Snead, etc play, along with my natural inability to hit the damn ball, made me appreciate how tough, and how satisfying it is to succeed in making par. I was impressed by the guys on my high school and later college teams who played the game. Later in life I finally picked it up and got serious about learning the game so now I can enjoy the game, camaraderie of other golfers, and the beautiful courses all across the country I have the privilege of playing. The media, however, seems to want to create fans of golfers, not golf. These two talking heads are bummed out that Rory did not win the Open. They are insisting that golf needed Rory to win. I disagree. Golf does not need anyone to win, because someone will win. Golf needs people to appreciate the game, the strategy involved, the skill to execute it and the beauty of the courses. It is impressive that a Nicklaus, Woods, DJ, etc can win at a high rate. But it is also impressive to me just to see experts doing what they do best. I think this is being overlooked by the media to the detriment of the game. These golfers are experts, and what they do should be appreciated in its own right. Not striving to glorify one person to create fans. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/shane-lowry-wins-open-championship/vi-AAEHkQR?ocid=spartanntp
    • Love Stevens. Also Tangle Ridge, Grand Prairie (south of Joe Pool Lake, almost to Cedar Hill). Great course, good price. Thanks for setting this up. Best-Marv
    • Ukraine Ukraine Golf: Ukraine golf courses, ratings and reviews Russia - Top 100 Golf Courses Moscow Country Club put Russia firmly on the golfing map, but there are now thirty golf courses in the country and more are either in the planning or...  
    • What a great statement! And your whole post was UPLIFTING for this old golfer, whose HCP has slipped in the past few years. Thank you! Best, -Marv
    • I have been golfing since I was 13, and now I just turned 65. I love the game.I am never satisified completely with my game like everyone. We all want to hit it farther. My handicap even at my age still hovers around a couple over par, but also this handicap is only for my home course which is quite simple. My driver carry, (and I do mean actual carry), has went from 275 yards down to right around 200 yards. I actually play with gentleman who tell me that they driver they can hit around the 240 mark, but they always seem to be a bit behind me. Because of my drop in actual length off the tee, and still to be able to hold my handicap down, I have learned more in the course management cataglory. Be a more consistant driver, stay out of the woods, dont try to hit shots that even the great Arnold Palmer could not do, and be a better than average golfer around the green. I mean to be a better chipper, and even a better putter than most. I probably devote 75% of my time practice putting. I don't mean to just go onto a practice green and just start putting but I really concentrate on my stroke. I like to find a straight putt, and work my way from like 2 foot out to 10 feet, and for the most part be able to make these putts. You do not have to be a strong muscular guy to be able to putt good. One of the biggest things I have learned about putting is not the putter, nor the kind of ball you putt with, but more that little 5 inches that lies between your ears.This I call the CONFIDENCE FACTOR!! When I am inside 3 feet, I do not miss much. I am not saying that I dont miss, but I am more concerned about making the putt, than at missing it. Usually being worried about missing a putt leads to leaving the ball just less than one turn from going in to pushing or pulling the putt. Yes, I do miss three footers, but I do know that my chances of me making it are much greater than me missing it.
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