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In the bag? Part I (Driver and 4-wood)



Because of size limitations of uploads, and having a 13MP camera phone. I will have to do this blog in several parts. Sorry in advance.

Tonight we'll start with the Driver and 4-wood.

Driver: Tour Edge Exotics EX10 with a Project X HZDRUS Yellow 6.0 that plays at 44".  I chose the 10° model.0315180231.thumb.jpg.1539d1a9da1a60c35f28aceb55fa0a42.jpg0315180231a.thumb.jpg.e59308dc856d792f746a45887f808078.jpg0315180232.thumb.jpg.c24065272ba5c62077127554d417d071.jpg

I went with a 44" length for two reasons, I am 6'5", and should play 45.5" or so, but I would rather have more consistent strikes. Second, I have distance to spare. So that's why.

It has a Lamkin UTX grip +1/8".

4-wood: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 16.5°. Same shaft as driver, playing at 42". Lamkin Z5 grip +1/8"


Again the reason for the shorter shaft is consistency of strike.

Tomorrow, I will do a hybrid and irons blog, so basically it's a teaser with the Driver & 4-wood.

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