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I played on Labor Day with my son and it was a nightmare!

Went out at 10 and watching the group in front, I knew it was gonna be a long day.  Young macho dudes all hitting from the blues... I'm sure you have all seen this scene...

3 duffs that barley make it to the red tees.  Not just the first hole, EVERY hole!  This along with non ready golf turned 9 holes into 3 1/2 hrs.

My son and I play best ball so we move along pretty good but nobody seems to want to let us through.  I guess they see a kid and figure that he is gonna take 10 shots to get it to the green.  Well the 4 dudes in front of us were the ones taking 4-8 shots to get to the green. Ahhhhhh!

We will usually just drive past you to the next hole if you wont let us play through... get some evil eyes from some and I wave and say thanks for letting us through.

So I told my son we might have to play our own ball as it looks to be a slow day or he can drop by me and do BB himself as I wanted to keep my score.

I start par, par, par and finish par, bird, par!  The middle 3 well not as good... bogie, double, bogie.  This partly to do with them slowing down to a crawl in the middle.  I had to call the ranger over to speed them up.

This didn't really help so after 9 holes and 3 1/2 hours of time we decided to just go to the car and leave... couldn't imaging being out golfing for 7 hours!

I wish everyone would hit from the correct Tees and play Ready Golf!

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My son and I went shooting then had “high tea” with my wife and daughter that day. Pretty relaxing day. We played golf the day after with no crowds but tons of divots in the fairways possibly from many practice swings made by frustrated golfers the day before? 🤪

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I played on Labor Day with my buddy Ken. We play head to head and talk a ton of shit. Well I shot 38 on the front to his 43. I missed easy and short par putts on 1 and 6 as well as a 3 putt on 8. Was that close to a -1 35 on front. Only problem is we teed off at 1pm and it was a crazy hot day. The 12 pack we drank caught up with me by the turn. By 17 we drove through the sprinklers on purpose. My game went downhill as the back side wore on. Easy par at 10 followed by an OB on 11 from 70 yards where I completely flew the green with a sand wedge. Then OB off the tee at 12. Limped in with a 46 on back and didn’t really care. Was just happy not to fall over from the heat. 

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