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While I Was Taking a Break From TheSandTrap.com…




Hello again, I haven't written one of these blogs in a long while. I haven't really been on the site for a long while. I had been practicing and posting every day for 405 days, That streak came to an end on May 10, 2018, when I went into the hospital. The last 11 months I have been going through things outside of golf, that are more important for my growth as a human being. Golf is my getaway, my therapy, my distraction, and my hobby.

I love the game, it sometimes doesn't love me back when I'm playing it. Whether I'm hitting a 9-iron at the second that checks up too soon or I lip out that 4-footer on 18 for a 71, Golf is hard (R). I've decided that I really don't care that it's hard, I've decided that I just want to go out and relax and have fun playing the game. In the city championship last Labor Day weekend, I made the flight finals for the first time. I've played in that tournament every year since 2010, I lost 7 & 5 (ironically I played the same guy in the finals this year as I did in my first ever match), 2011 4 & 3, 2012 I was really sick Sunday and had to W/D, 2013, I lost 1 up, 2014 I lost 2 & 1 2015 I finally won a match 3 & 2 (It helped that I was out-driving my opponent by 70 yards), then lost 7 and 5, 2016 I lost 1 up, 2017 I made the semis and lost 3 and 2, Last year I hilariously won the 12th hole of my first match with a triple-bogey 8, to go 1 up in the match. Whilst laughing about it on the way to the 13th. I proceeded to play the next three holes, par, par, birdie to win 4 & 3. In the semifinals, I was 1 down after 6, (I started terribly was something like 4 over through 6 medal), I chipped in for birdie at 7, made par at 8, made birdie at 9 after hitting a terrible drive (I knocked the third shot to 4 feet), made bogey at 10, nearly made 1 at 11 (ended up making 3 I missed a 5 footer that was already conceded), and birdied 12. I went from 1 down, to 5 up in 6 holes, I put the match away with a par on 13 and won 6 & 5.  (yes I won 10 with a bogey, my opponent had trouble with the right side trees, the only reason I made 6 was I took 3 to get down from 5 feet off the front of the green) I played the last 7 holes in 2-under and didn't even know I was playing that well until someone told me after my match ended.

I was playing well but got tanked in the final 7 & 6. I did not play badly. I won just 2 holes, the 2nd and the 11th, however, that being said, I was losing holes to pars and birdies, I made only one double-bogey and that was on the 7th which is a par-3 (It was a good 5 too, I pushed a 7-iron into Fall Creek which is Oscar Bravo, and made 3 with the second ball, nearly holing a 15-footer to halve the hole. I think he shot 1 or 2 over, I shot 8 or 9 over and we halved #9 with birdies, which was a funny exchange, because he chipped in from just short of the green and I holed about a 30-footer on top of him. It was very different finishing second in my flight instead of last or T-3 twice. Going into the tournament, I decided that I was going to go out and just have fun, and whatever happened so be it. 

Over the winter I didn't do much practicing, as a matter of fact, very little. If you've seen my signature, I have different clubs in play right now but still have my Exotics bag. Actually might actually switch to Maltby from GolfWorks for the time being. I don't necessarily need the best and greatest new clubs. 

Becky and I separated for 5 months between October and March and we have since reconciled. Without getting to personal, one of our goals we came up with, was to try to do a hobby together. She tried golf a couple times with me, (she actually witnessed me birdie both par-fives on the front which I seldom do), but we decided we were going to either bowl or try disc golf. Come to find out disc golf is very inexpensive to get started in. I'm still trying to figure out the rules, but I'll get it. It's fun, it takes less time than real golf and is just as tricky. I was talking to one of our regulars at the golf course about it just yesterday, we're making predictions on which one I break par in first, disc golf or traditional golf. 

I've played 9 holes twice this year so far. The first time out I really didn't putt so I couldn't count it, but I estimate, I shot probably 39 or 40 on the front (or white tees, Newman is 9 holes with 2 sets of tees). Yesterday I shot 38, with one of the scratch players playing skins and they we're surprised. I didn't make any birdies but my par with a half-whack on 18 was good enough for $15, and my scratch partner and I cleaned up in the side match too. for my two bogeys, I lipped out on 11 after a decent bunker shot, and I was short sided and laid-up my chip to 15 feet on 14, and singed the edge, the rest we're all pars. I covered his double on 10 and his bogey on 18 (he birdied 12, 14, and 17 to shoot 36) so we were 3-under as a best ball team.

I'm playing well, I have a very simple pre-shot routine with one swing-thought, right foot, left foot. My balance is a lot better, I actually finally figured out where the "balls of the feet" are. The step-through is now gone, my balance is back, and hopefully with any luck at all, I might get down into the 4.x by the end of the season, it'll be difficult, but I think with my new approach I can do it. 

I'll give you guys an update this time in May on how my game is doing to see if I've improved. 

For those of you who are wondering, Alina shot 49 for 9 holes last week (She's 5 1/2). She went with me and I really didn't play, She did. Mike told me. "Be careful, out there" She striped he drive from the actual ladies tee on #1 over the bunker, (She carries it about 125 yards now, and she is deadly with her hybrid (She has one of those now as she outgrew her other set). I played a little (I only brought a few clubs to pitch, chip and putt with so I had my 9-iron, wedges and putter with me. She actually beat me on #7, She made par and I made bogey and I didn't let her win the hole I legitimately did make bogey. When she parred 7, I knew she had a shot to break 50. This group of ladies was behind Alina and I, and they usually would be a little snotty about a twosome in front playing slow (we weren't Alina plays nine in 1:45). Saw Alina, par the 7th. To par she was +10 through 7. (She made 9 on #1) She piped a drive and hit 2 hybrids on the green at #8 and almost made par, tapped in for bogey, She hit a perfect drive on 9 and I let Alina make this decision herself, she grabbed her driver for her second shot (She got it just short of 250 out, off a 140 yard bullet), I think she thought she needed birdie to break 50, but she only needed a 7 (I don't tell Alina her cumulative scores, I tell her at the end) She topped one down there about 50 yards just short of 200, she then hits hybrid, hybrid on the front of the green (pin was all the way back) And three-putted for double... But that was all she needed for her first sub-50 9-holes. One of the ladies behind us, came up and asked me what she'd shot, I said "49 and she started with a 9." Alina plays the par-3s well at Newman from the ladies tees mainly because, well, it's just a driver for her.

I talked to a local pro recently about maybe getting her a fuller set, and he advised against it for now, as her game develops and when she gets older then we can revisit that then. Not bad for a kid that plays 3 or 4 9-hole rounds a year at this point. But asks me to go hit golf balls all the time. She stripes it and I mean stripes it.



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On 5/3/2019 at 5:53 PM, onthehunt526 said:

I can't throw a disc forehand for shit though I've tried. So I just play backhanded.

My forehand is crap and I throw backhand with my left hand and forehand with my right, so I can never get a right-to-left flight.

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    • I think we used to call a club with 41.5 degrees of loft an 8 or 9 iron.  If you buy the new irons with the jacked up lofts, you will most likely need to make adjustments to your wedge game. If you are going to do it, you may find that the F8 PW (with a tweak if needed) is your new gap wedge. Regardless of the clubs you end up with, you have to make sure that you are covered for all your distances with minimal redundancies. A good sand wedge will always be between 54-58 degrees for optimal play so you need to start (or end) there and gap accordingly. 
    • If you gave me 6 days a week with 4 hours each, I would probably play 3 of those days and then dedicate specific days for training and practice.  So here you go:  M-W-F money games. With real money you don't want to lose.  T - Short game and putting off course and on course with an hour of pt Th - Full swing - off and on course with an hour of pt  Sat - Speed training, recap where you need help with an hour of pt  Sunday - Day off 
    • To Matt's point. There was a guy, Dan McLaughlin,  once who was convinced if he just spent 10,000 hours practicing golf he'd "master" the sport, or something like that.  I remember when this guy started this. He had a coach. I'd argue the wrong coach. His coach did something like this:  He spent the first I don't know how many hours mastering the 1 foot putt. (I'm not kidding) Then the next umpteen hours mastering the 3 foot putt. Then the 5 foot and so on and so on. Then he was giving a wedge and spent several hundred hours mastering a certain shot (like 25 yards) with the wedge. Then work to master the 50 yard shot, then the 75. Only moving on to the next shot when he "mastered" the previous one. For more than a year, like about a 1/10th of his 10,000 hours he was only allowed to use the 3 clubs. - 2 wedges and a putter.  When I saw the interview with the dude he was like 2 years into his plan and had finally been allowed a full bag of clubs. He was about a quarter of the way through his 10,000 hours.  I remember thinking this is a dumb plan. Why not work on your full swing while you work on putting? You can learn to hit driver while you perfect your wedge distances. Waiting until you master a shot before moving on to the next one is wasting your 10,000 hours. In my opinion.  The coach's philosophy for learning golf this way was that he didn't want McLaughlin just bashing balls down the range day after day. He also said something about McLaughlin needed to start by seeing the ball go in the hole. Which would make it more fun. To which I say Bullsh!t. Hitting awesome drives is fun. Nailing the center of the green from 185 out is fun. Think of how boring it must have been for McLaughlin. "I can't move on to 8 foot putts until I master this f-ing 6 footer." ... "The driver is just a distant dream."  McLaughlin's experiment was doomed from the start. I get that you want structure in your practice plan, but why do it in a way that is so repetitive and painful?  Yes, you need to work on your weaknesses, but it's also fun to do something you are good at every now and then.  When designing a practice plan you need times to continually evaluate and make changes to get the most out of it. Mindlessly beating balls down the range doesn't do that much. But I'd also argue the mindlessly sticking to a practice plan (such as McLaughlin's) also doesn't do that much. You need to regularly look at your progress and where to put your limited time. Even McLaughlin only had 10,000 hours to spend. Why waste so many of them?  BTW - In my humble opinion, this is one of the best threads on developing a practice plan. Yes, the opening post is long. But totally worth the read.  Sorry about the long post. 
    • Metal Spikes OR Soft Spikes, a Foot Dragger is a Foot Dragger and will chew up greens. Soft Spikes were introduced as a way to save costs on replacing Club House Floors!!! 😀
    • Did this really well. Some rounds were more fun than others, of course. But I can't think of a round where I didn't have fun.  Succeeded with this goal, and then exceeded it. My handicap is now 3.9, and I spent most of the summer as a 4. I was setting new handicap lows all summer, which was awesome. As far as the sub-goals: I think I did 5 minutes of daily practice until April. Not 100% sure if I got into May, but I think I did. I'm too lazy to go back and check. This is definitely a good goal to keep and probably extend. I did good on this as well. I did a lot of putting work throughout the summer, and I generally putted better than I have in the past. I didn't track it, so I'm not 100% sure I met the 50% goal for short game and putting, but I definitely came close. I still like this goal for next year, and I might need to shift it more to short game than putting.  I came really close to this goal, but did not quite get there. GHIN has my average score this year as 80.7. I played 24 times, and broke 80 10 times. I also had multiple rounds in the low 70s. There were times in the summer where I was meeting this goal. That is an improvement, and that's why I got my handicap to new lows. I like this goal for me, and I will try for it again.
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