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Let's Go!



So let's get right to it. I have probably played 10 rounds this year since the "comeback". Now lets just say there has been some good, some bad, but not too much ugly. The worst score was an 88 and last month on a trip to Orange National I posted between 80 and 86 for six rounds averaging one birdie per round (fill in the blanks with doubles and maybe a trip or two). Since the trip I have seen my old coach and shot some video and most of my issues start right at set-up. Its the simple things that if neglected can do you in before you even finish your backswing. A little work pays off along with a lot of short game practice. 

Yesterday was a bit of a break through with a solid 77 based on some great tempo (keeping everything in sync) and keeping my head together. After a double by hitting a bomb into the lone palm tree in the middle of the fairway, I went on a string of pars and on the par 5 9th hit driver-hybrid to the fringe only to 3 putt par and a 40.  I laugh it off and on 10 hit 9 iron to 3 feet for birdie. I keep my head with pars and a few bogeys and then on the par 5 18th hit a lob wedge to 4 feet to make another birdie and close the back with 37 (77). Solid performance from 6500 yards and felt very encouraged as I was using new irons and wedges. 

So let's talk about the new line-up in clubs. I was playing the Titleist 735 cms (cavity/blade combo) with the DGS300s since 2007 along with some custom Vokey SM4 TVD 54/60M wedges. The key of this set-up is that I bent the irons weak so that I could play 48-54-60. The 60 was becoming a problem child so I rethought my wedges after a friend gave me a new 50 degree SM6 and it got me thinking about 46-50-54-60. I did a Titleist wedge fitting and found that the 58/10 was more my speed (so much better from all lies and bunker) so I got a SM7 demo club hardly used for a song and rethought the set-up. In the meantime, I pulled the trigger on some 718 AP2s that have the AMT white S300s in them 4-pw. The AMTs are the same profile as the DGs they just get progressively lighter as they go into the lower irons which make them a little easier to launch. Since I hit them half a club longer it was easy to ditch the 3 iron and add the 50 in there as a gapper. I ended up horse trading some items and got the closeout SM7s in 50/8, 54/10 to complement the 58/10 all in S200s. So far the irons and wedges are a solid set-up with the predictability of the DG family. 

Now the Razr Fit TA set at 9.5 is solid but its so 2013. The numbers I post are 240 carry but a little high. So my fitter friend sets up a few clubs for me and I really like the Cobra closeout F9.  I just ordered it in the adjustable 9 degree variety with an PX Even Flow white 6.0 (I couldn't demo the F9 with the shaft I wanted because of Covid lack of inventory but the shaft was insane with a different head). My Octane Tour 3 wood is still a solid 225 carry and the Idea Pro fills in reliably between the 3 wood and the 4 iron for great spacing. I really need to wait until the F9 comes in and I work it out before I go any further. Lastly, there is the Scotty Cameron and its not going anywhere! Stay tuned! 


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