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Silky Smooth



So today was a total surprise. I didn't sleep well and was out early to meet my group a county north to play a friendly track that is very receptive at 6400 yards and rated at 70.5/127. The driving range was closed so I chipped, putted, and hit 5 balls into the "driving net" they had set up by the bag drop. Feeling a little tired, I decided to concentrate on my swing keys and to not try to kill it. The first key is set up and making sure my right hip is even with my right instep. I had been getting it even with the outside edge of my foot which led to a slide of the hips, instead of a hip turn. The second key was just starting with my elbows feeling closer together and more connected which syncs my upper body and gets me on plane. 

The 1st hole is 380 and I hit a nice easy drive and have 135 and hit 9 to 10 feet and make the putt for birdie 1. I make my way around the front in similar fashion with 3 bogies (one 3 jack) and 5 pars for 38. I notice the relaxed tempo is making the ball contact center of the face so I am going to do my best to keep it going.

The 10th hole is a shortish hole and hit driver, lob wedge to 15 feet and birdie 2. A couple of pars follow (one a big-time scramble) and I am thinking lets just avoid the big numbers. A sloppy bogey follows and then on the par 3 at 172 into the wind I balloon a 6 which hits the bunker. Hard as a rock, I thin it over the green, chip it to 8 feet, and make the putt for bogey, phew. The next hole I pull it behind a tree, punch out and take my medicine with bogey. With 3 to play, I know I can post a great number if I keep it together and follow with a solid par on 16. The 17th is a par 5 and I push it, get blocked by some trees and punch it to 150. I hit a crisp 8 and have a 20 footer downhill that somehow pours in for birdie number 3. On to 18 where the fairway runs out on the right 260 out, but if you have guts you take it left and take your chances. I grabbed the driver, gripped down and hit a 240 yard bunt which left a 155 yard 8 iron over water that I put 15 feet for an easy 2 putt and a 37. Holy cow, I shot a legit 75 because I kept my head and smoothed it all day.  What a great feeling to have a handful of rounds under my belt and to post a real number! 


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