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Geeking out on Lofts and Wedges



So those of you that know me from back in the day know that I am a numbers guy. I totally geek out on lofts especially when it comes down to wedges. Here is one example of my thought process that really still applies today: 

So to set the backdrop, back in the early 90s my first real iron set came from my buddy who played on the Tommy Armour Mini Tour.  TA had the hottest irons at the time with the 845 Silver Scots and had Davis Love and Freddy Couples on Staff. My friend sends me a custom embroidered Staff Bag along with 1 iron through Wedge 4. Well I sold the 1 iron and the ditched the sand and lob wedges and thus started the obsession on gaps. See the TA PW was 48 and then they had the Gap at 52 so I added a Cleveland 588 in 56 and 60.  Well I had a love-hate relationship with the gap wedge and really like the 2 iron so I kept it 48-56-60. I tried to like the 52 but it just never really panned out and I just felt like I had too many choices. I eventually settled on a Vokey Spin Milled 54 and 60 that became my 3 wedge system of 48-54-60.  

That really worked really well and I was able to cover my gaps for years. When I got into the Titleist blended 735s I set them up identical to the 845s ending with 48-54-60.  I wore holes in those Vokeys and my cousin who was on staff for Titleist sent me the SM4 TVD 54/10, 60/8 M grinds. Again, I played these down to a 4.0 cap and really learned some cool shots to cover those 6 degree gaps. As long as I kept up my practice routine, I was knocking the pins down on a regular basis. 

Well fast forward to my latest comeback that started right before Covid and a friend of mine knows I love the Vokey brand and he gifts me a new SM6 50 degree wedge. What do I do with that? It doesn't even fit in my line-up, but I take it and practice with it but never put it in the game but damn its an automatic with chipping.  My gears start to grind and I am struggling with consistency with the 60 and think I need some more bounce and I end up compensating by flighting my 54 more and more. Add in the purchase of the AP2s (4-pw) with a 46 degree PW and it kind of evolves from there. Since the AP2s are half a club longer I didn't need the 3 iron. I go to the local golf center and check out the Vokey demos and surprisingly found the 58/10 S to be a great option from a variety of lies, especially in the bunkers. More gear grinding ensues and before I purchase anything I schedule a Titleist wedge fitting just for fun. The fitter puts me through the paces and we decide on the 58/10 S, the 54/10 S and the 50/08 F.  I find out that he has all the SM7s in stock and get a great deal on the 50-54-58 and he takes the SM6 off my hands.  

So to wrap this up, I am now playing the 46-50-54-58. The 46 pw is basically a weak 9 iron and covers 130, the 50 gap is the PW that flies 118 and hits those lower longer chips/pitches, the 54 is my 105 club and is my preferred chipping/pitching club 90% of the time, and the 58 is my 75-90ish yard club that I prefer from the sand and when I need to get the ball up quickly around the greens. So far its working out well around the greens, the bounce is more forgiving, and the flight is more predictable. This set-up seems to be pretty simple and given my golf experience, I just instinctively have a feel about what shot to hit and when its appropriate and I often pick the more controlled flighted option. 

If you made it this far you really need help and its probably with your wedge gapping! Welcome to my world! 



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