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Centered and Crispy



If there is one thing that I have learned over the years is that your setup and backswing should put you in the very best position to make a good swing through the golf ball. So during this latest comeback, it was pointed out to me that I was slipping back into a pattern of relying too much on compensating moves because I was working against myself before I made my downswing. My setup had the outside of the right hip even with the outside of my right foot which encouraged a hip slide instead of a hip turn. By moving my weight a little more to the left and setting the right hip inside the right foot I was able to turn that hip and keep a more steady and centered head. To help with the feeling of keeping the right hip turning back inside that line I hit balls while doing the right foot stepping on a ball drill. The pictures below show the drastic improvement in position which has led to being centered and my ball striking having that crispy feeling that you get when you hit the ball in the center of the clubface consistently. Its amazing how this setup adjustment made such a difference in the quality of ball striking and distance control. Progress is being made! 


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