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Hey guys! I’m just curious about what courses y’all normally play. Just post a pic of the scorecard, your favorite (and, if you want, least favorite) hole, the tee you normally play and your normal and lowest scores. I’ll start:


I normally play the white tees, with a normal score of around 91 or 92. The course is great, and I like all the holes, but the seventh is probably my favorite. It’s a fun par-three, not too hard unless you’ve got a front pin, which tends to be right smack behind those two bunkers you see on the layout. I normally make a three or four there, but in the past month or two I’ve been leaning towards fives there. Don’t know why. The course itself is in pretty good shape, and it’s where I play 95% of my golf. So, what are your courses like? 

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I typically play the "Blue" tees, occasionally the "Black".  Best score from the "Blue" was 72 several years ago.  The "Black" was probably 78 in one of our City Championships.

The most challenging hole for me is #10.  In the City Championships I now play it like a par 5 and try to make "birdie".  My favorite hole is #8.  It requires an accurate drive and then a fun wedge/short iron over the water.



p.s. The ratings/slopes shown are not current.  Black is 72.5/130 and Blue 70.1/128

Leslie Park.pdf

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I just realized this, but a lot of the hazards on the scorecard’s layout are nonexistent today:

1) The bunker on the left side of the fairway on #4.

2) All three fairway bunkers on the left side of #6

3) The bunkers on the corner of the dogleg on #8.

4) The two fairway bunkers on the left of #9.

5) The bunker furthest from the green on #10.

6) The bunkers on the corner of the dogleg on #14.

7) The bunkers on the corner of the dogleg on #15.

8. All three left hand side fairway bunkers on #16.

There are two or three bunkers on the course that are still there, but are just GUR. This scorecard must be from several years ago. Let me know if y’all want to see pics of my course!

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