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I Have Trouble With Short Irons

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I struggled with my short irons as well and could hit my long irons well, but now I am getting so much better with the short irons. All I really did was get out there and practice pitching, chipping, from 15, 30, 60, 90, yds etc, until I could nail them within about a 10-15 foot circle depending on how far out I was from my target. It only took a few weeks of hitting about an hour each evening. A ptiching net can help too at least with directional targeting. The more and more I hit them the less and less I clutter my mind with the "how" part.

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    • Is this more what I should look like at the top? Or is this too laid off?    I almost think that’s the opposite of what I was working on with taking the club back and up....but Erik did say (many moons ago) that I’d need to start taking it “in” at some some point (back, up, & in) so maybe that’s what he was referring to?
    • Great! I recently adjusted my lofts 3 degrees strong on my old set of Golfsmith Tour Model IV irons from the late 80's. The old loft angles were outdated so with this change, the irons are on a much better trajectory now.    
    • Even the 90 degree rule beats cart path only.  Which most golfers promptly turn into the 25 degree rule.
    • Day 23 (5,11) - Rented a practice bay at the PGA store.  Wanted to get a better idea of ball flight than hitting into a net.  Also hit the driver for the first time since overhauling my takeaway.  Overall, I was pleased, but still have a long ways to go to where I am able to repeat this takeaway and backswing every time.
    • Business marketing 101.....For many years I was in the Procurement Dept at a local mining/manufacturing site.  As you can surmise I heard "new", "improved", "more reliable", "better than last year's",.... again and again and again.  Boogielicious is right, Marketing spends tons of bucks to make the biggest claims possible while staying in the bounds of defensible claims by Legal.  The regulatory gurus have the OEM's and related crews in such a narrow box for improving things, they have to make the consumer "think" it sounds, hits, swings, plays, flies, lands, goes in the hole better than ever....or else we would not buy it.  Fender continues to reinvent, excuse me "tweak" the Telecaster guitar, yet when you look at it  - it is pretty much the same guitar that Leo debuted in the 1950's with some slightly improved electronics, tuners, fret wire, etc.  A golf club is still a stick with a head of some sort on it and a golf ball is still a golf ball (but comes with dimples now!) and the game is still something we all enjoy to have a good discussion about.  
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