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    • Hmm, lots of theories that aren't that different than what he is stating. Martin Ayers called his "bow and crossbow". Martin also loved long hard to stay focused on youtube videos. (I admit to skipping around on this one) He is wrong when he says it is on plane here That clubface is WIDE open and unless he compensates, a slice, push, mostly bad things will happen. His lead wrist is in cupped. Yuck! The golf swing has so many things going on. Much of what he is saying is good stuff, however, I think other instructors do a better job simplifying it. Shorter videos that taken as a whole are better for consumption.
    • FFS. No sign of the same here in England.
    • I can do 4 days max. I am assuming it won't affect anyone else's plans.  
    • Personally I'm leaning towards these options, but am open to what everyone else wants.  We probably want to try this during the week if were booking SV tee times 30 days out. I am thinking we start golfing maybe on Monday the 19th or Tuesday the 20th.  Again, I am very open to discussion on all of this. 1. Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290 2. Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290 3. Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290  4. Sentry World ($155) or Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box ($290) 5. Lawsonia ($120) or Erin Hills($320) - If you would be doing this on the way out it would be recommended to maybe fly out of Milwaukee. So, costs: The 4 days of golf with Sentry world would be roughly $1025 for the golf. All 4 days all at SV would be $1160 5 days with Lawsonia $1145. 5 days with Erin hills or Whistling to something else you would want to do...have fun and good on you for having limitless income. A word of advice for Whistling and Erin, Whistling requires a caddy i believe, so your probably looking at ($750) and Erin has so many blind shots that you likely need one.   If someone wants to just golf the first three days, that is an option too.  @Slim_Pivot I apologize I was a bit low maybe on my initial calculations.  I was originally thinking of 3-4 days instead of 4-5 days. I am all for as much golf as possible though.      
    • Sorry for the silly-long delay in replying! The course closed in October 2016. I've never been back to the park. Our club (Braeside GC) survived after moving to Selsdon Golf Course and we're doing pretty well, except for the women's section which has dwindled badly. The other club (Beckenham GC) disappeared after moving/merging to somewhere else that wouldn't allow to retain their identity (I think they only had around 10 active members).
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