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Have You Ever Carried a 'Gimmick' Club in Your Bag?

Have You Ever Carried A Gimmick Club In Your Bag?  

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  1. 1. Have You Ever Carried A Gimmick Club In Your Bag?

    • No, I've never even tried any of them.
    • No, But I've tested some.
    • Yes, I carried one for a while but it didn't work out.
    • Yes, I carry one now.
    • Yes, I currently carry more than one.

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5 hours ago, Golfingdad said:

I voted yes but it didn’t work out.  I had a driver given to me when I was in college (or thereabouts) that I used for a short while that I think would qualify as gimmicky.  It was “Bullet” brand and it was missing the middle section.  I found a photo - the “Hollow Point Bullet”.  When you looked down at it from address, the clubhead was a C shape.  Ridiculous.


I'm pretty sure that thing isn't legal. 

I love the name though.

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    • The longest club I feel confident swinging in this scenario would be my 8 iron. I want to feel that way about my 7 and 6 irons, but the truth is I'm most likely to miss the green with one of those clubs.  ...The longest club I'd want is my PW though... 🙂
    • Thanks Boogielicious. I'm going to try that out asap!
    • Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realise it would come back on so quickly. Only used around 3% overnight, normally 25/30 % Its 5pm here, Ive used 30% battery today and that’s with the golf app using gps on a four hour round. 
    • Coming 2 America sweat free par. Enjoyed a few laughs and loved Coming To America. 
    • Great topic! My Goals for 2021: GOALS Single digit Index (Currently 11.6) More birdies that "others" (blow up holes are my Achilles heal) GIR: 40%+  FIR: 55%+ (currently 48% and I'm generous in what I consider a fairway hit) Scrambling 25%+ Play a lot of golf! ACTIONS Track hole by hole stats on every round Focus on swinging "within" myself - tempo and control - I get too aggressive and leads to problems Mental toughness - nicer to myself after screw ups  Getting my hips through (swing thought is hitting the ball with my right hip) Proper fitting and gear upgrade as makes sense Reread Lowest Score Wins! - embrace the wisdom for smarter golf Consistent fade with driver - Currently a 2-way miss is giving me fits Lock in on my putting set up Develop a more consistent golf fitness plan 
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